Starting fresh at QB - My preferred veteran option

My preference this year would be to start fresh with a new veteran QB that has an arm to make some deeper throws once and a while.

I love Fitz as a person, he seems like a great guy, good leader, smart and great teammate. The problem with Fitz is that his mechanics are bad and he does not have an NFL arm, he cannot complete anything down field with any type of accuracy. Teams know that now and they dare him to try and he is just not able to do it. We cannot continue with a guy that basically takes a whole dimension away from our game. Also, there is a new sheriff in town and I think we need to start fresh.

The possibility of Alex Smith

In my opinion Alex Smith is almost a replica of Fitz, a noodle armed QB that cannot get the ball downfield. He is a safer version because he doesn't try either but that's the whole point, having someone that can actually throw a deep ball to Graham when he beats single coverage. Isn't that why we drafted TJ? Also, Smith has changed O/Cs more often than some people change their underwear. Yes he wins more than Fitz, he's less of a gunslinger so he does not commit as many turnovers (isn't everyone sick and tired of vanilla?) I don't want him.

There are two veterans out there that I would very much be interested in:

1) Jason Campbell (to a lesser extent)

I've always like Jason Campbell even from his days in WAS. He's a big guy with a big arm that can make the throws. He was looking real good before breaking his collarbone in OAK and then Hue made the idiot move for Palmer. Jason Campbell could be a good veteran option to groom the next guy.

2) David Carr (would be my top choice)

A former number 1 pick like Alex Smith, David Carr could be a great option for us in the off-season. He was the starter on a very bad HOU team for his first 5 years. He was like road kill for 5 consecutive years getting sacked 249 times in those 5 years. Highly touted coming out of college he had the misfortune of being drafted by a very bad team with a very bad O-Line. What's impressive to me is his toughness because he only missed 4 games in those first 5 years, even though he served mainly as a punching bag. I know that he probably held on to the ball too long, but void of talent on the offensive side, he probably felt the need to try to make things happen. He did not benefit from having a good veteran to help him progress in his rookie year.

Since leaving the Texans, he's served 4 years as Eli Manning's backup. He is 33 years old and still has some good years left in the tank. Eli Manning is a great QB that is very durable so it's understandable that he has not gotten an opportunity in the past few years. I am intrigued by how far he has developed while learning behind Eli and I like the fact that he's been on a Superbowl winning team. I think he's a rethread worth taking a chance on.

The guy is 6'3" 216lbs with an NFL calibre arm.

I would like to see Nix bring him in for an interview and tryout and if it works out we could sign him to a 3-4y contract where he would get the chance to compete with the rookies we bring in. It's a win-win because he's better than Fitz any day of the week and potentially better than any other QB out there.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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