Deep Thoughts By J2

Here are some after Bills season thoughts i've been having if you're bored and need something to read.

1) Buffalo is a joke of a football team. Does anyone on this board think we could compete with Atlanta, Seattle, San Fran, Green Bay, NE, Bal, Denver or even Houston for a SB? This team is still so far off I hate it.

2) I think i've come to the conclusion that Tom Brady will go down as the greatest QB ever to play. I hate it and it's not written yet but I think that's how it turns out. Also, we can probably expect about 5 more years of Brady.

3) I like Nix but he robbed 2 years from Bills fans by not getting a QB at some point. I don't like to do hindsight with guys like Wilson or Kaep but I think about trading up for RG3 or Luck and trying to go that route. Tannehill doesn't do anything for me either as I don't think he'll ever be great but I would have loved to have known if Buffalo tried to get up there for RG3 or Luck. Or somebody at some point.

4) Without that aforementioned QB Buffalo has no chance at a SB. Especially after watching the games this past weekend. Nobody on the current roster has even a snow balls chance in hell to get this team to SB. We need about 5 impact players too. I guess what I mean is Buffalo in year 4 of the Nix regime isn't even close as of today. That sucks.

5) Why are NFL coaches so moronic? Fox and Smith both screwed the pooch this past weekend. I think Fox cost his team the game at the end with his boneheaded conservative calling. Peyton's pick didn't help in OT but it shouldn't have gotten that far.

6) Who are your SB favorites? I know, I know. SF and NE Super Bowl will be fun as long as SF wins.

7) I like Marrone and Pettine for the Bills coaches but I can't get excited right now. Have no idea how their going to turn out, no QB, new schemes, new terminology, holes in major parts of the roster. 2013 is shaping up to be another sub .500 year in Buffalo. It's old.

8) I think we sign Byrd and Levitre walks.

9) How did Denver let a TD on that play to go into OT? That was a total Buffalo snow job. Maybe we harp too much on the Bills because it seems most NFL teams make boneheaded decisions and do moronic stuff. Save for the Patriots and Harbaugh coached teams.

10) Hopefully that'll end up being Marrone coached teams as well but after watching his games in Syracuse i'm skeptical.

11) I want Baltimore to win but I hate Ray Lewis. He's Mike Vick to me. Both are scumbags.

12) I heard multiple times on WGR and other places that Buffalo should draft a LT and put Glenn at LG. So we finally get our LT of the future and people want to put him at guard and draft a LT that we have no idea will pan out while also having to give up another high draft pick to replace Glenn when Buddy has shown he can get offensive linemen every where? Good plan

13) As far as the draft I really only like 2 QBs this year. Landry Jones and Tyler Wilson. Smith, Glennon, Bray etc.. do almost nothing for me. Glennon too. If I were picking the 2 guys to pan out it's Jones and Wilson

14) I don't think Buffalo picks a QB at 8....unless it's Nassib.

15) I do like that Buffalo got their HC early and have started to assemble their staff. Teams don't have GM's or HC's let alone DC's and OC's. Give Buffalo a thumbs up for doing a good job in that department.

16) It's about time Buffalo got into analytics. Hopefully this will be a trend in which we are always progressive.

17) Buffalo got whipped by SF, Sea, NE who were all SB contenders. Still.not.close.

Any other random thoughts you might add? You can use this for a vent session too!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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