What if we don't take a quarterback?

I've been thinking a lot lately, and have been wondering...Will it really matter in the big scheme of things if the Bills don't draft a quarterback high this year?

Buddy Nix has stated on multiple occasions that he isn't going to draft a quarterback unless it's good value at the draft slot. At No. 8 overall, do you really trust any of these quarterbacks to lead the Bills to championships? I surely don't.

It seems every week a new name sits atop people's "boards", with very little consistency other than Geno Smith, who I see as the top quarterback, but not by a clear margin, and he surely is not what I'd call a "franchise" quarterback. The Bills are not just a quarterback away from being a championship-caliber franchise, as much as we'd all like to believe that, but this draft is LOADED with talented players in the front seven, offensive line, safety, and wide receiver.

What I'm proposing is this..

Why not sign one of the free agent quarterbacks to a one or two-year deal, such as a Matt Moore, or one of the guys that will probably be released like Alex Smith or Matt Flynn, and then draft a quarterback in the mid-late rounds like an EJ Manuel, and bring them in to compete with Fitz for the 2013 season. Someone that wont break the bank, but can actually push Fitz, and let the best man win.

Draft the quarterback next year, when the class is a lot better with guys like Teddy Bridgewater,Tajh Boyd, AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray, Nick Fales, Derek Carr, etc.

Listen. I'm all for drafting a quarterback, but only if you absolutely LOVE him. I want to be fully confident that this guy can lead the team and be the face of the franchise for the next eight to ten years. I don't want to take one just to say we took one, and then have this circus again in two-three years.

This team was 6-10 for a reason, and you can make a case for drafting a player at any position other than defensive tackle or guard (if we re-sign Levitre). The Bills have glaring holes at WR opposite Stevie, our only trustworthy linebacker is 32, other than Gilmore, the corners got burned (By the way, did you know Mike Pettine used 7 DBs roughly 18% of the time with the Jets?), we need a pass rusher opposite Mario (stopping the run would be nice too!), and George Wilson had a 2-3 year window where he was good. Oh yeah, the best tight end in the history of the team is probably going to miss half the year with an ACL!

This team is still in shambles, and while you guys are convincing yourselves to fall in love with Ryan Nassib just because he ran the K-Gun offense in college with Marrone, or Napolean Dynamite (Glennon), or Alligator Arms Barkley, I'm here watching the playoffs.. for the 13th year in a row...seeing that every team has a franchise quarterback.

I don't want to be in the situation that Jacksonville is in, where they rushed to the podium to grab Blaine Gabbert, just to fill a need, and now they're already back in the market for a new signal caller.

Just grab more impact players, and when there is a franchise quarterback there next year, we sent Buddy hobbling up to Goodell with a card that has our ticket to a Super Bowl written on it!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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