As Mike Glennon was Falling Flat on his Face, Tajh Boyd Seized the Moment

Well, what an interesting day of bowl games New Years Eve provided us with. In the morning tilt of NCST vs Vanderbilt, Mike Glennon laid an even bigger egg then Geno Smith, finishing the day 35-53 for 383 yards with 1 TD and 3 INT's, and the 1 TD coming late in the 4th quarter with the game well out of reach. The day before the game, I hit up Daniel Jeremiah (@movethesticks) who is a former NFL Scout for the Ravens, Browns, and Eagles and current analyst for the NFL Network, with the following tweet:

RT : Big games tomorrow for QB evaluation! Glennon plays at 9 am and Tajh Boyd at 4:30 >I'm in Nashville to see Glennon

As you can see, he was already one step ahead of me as he was in Nashville to specifically watch Glennon play. We all know how the game went, and afterword Jeremiah had this to say about Glennon.

Glennon has zero pocket awareness.

Glennon with several "wow" plays and several "what??" plays. He's a wow/what? QB

So does that sound like a guy we need to be taking here? Zero pocket awareness? No thanks. Glennon is what he is, a tall kid who cant move but can flash a big arm. I see zero leadership out of him, and his accuracy is non existent. I'm done talking about this kid, he's maybe a developmental project who could warrant a 4th or 5th round selection at best in my eyes, anything else is a monumental reach.

Now lets get to my boy Tajh Boyd who I was pimping last week on some threads. I talked him up, and he did not disappoint. Kid went toe to toe with one of the best defenses I've seen all year, a defense that was littered with day 1 and 2 future draft picks, all while playing behind a sub-par O-line and losing his 2nd best wide out on the 2nd play of the game in Sammy Watkins. Boyd went 36/50, passing for 346 yards with 2 TD's, and 0 INT's. He threw for more yards then any QB did against LSU all year. He engineered an absurd game winning drive starting from his own 20 with 1:39 left on the clock. It was easily the best bowl game of the year in my opinion, and should vault him into 1st round consideration if he does decide to declare this year, which I think he will.

Jeremiah had this to say about Boyd after the game

": No comments on Tajh Boyd last night?"> i wasn't there but he looked great on tv had this to say about Boyd too

Clemson junior QB Tajh Boyd was the star of Monday's bowl game win over LSU, completing 36-of-50 passes for 346 yards and two touchdowns.

Boyd added 22 rushing yards and a touchdown. The junior faced pressure all night but stepped into the rush to deliver some ridiculous throws. Without a single senior quarterback stepping up during this bowl season, Boyd's performance with stand out with evaluators. He has improved more than any other player at the position when looking back to 2011. We think he could be a potential target for Chip Kelly, wherever he lands.

Part of why I believe Boyd will indeed declare for the draft is the fact that his best wide out Nuk Hopkins is supposedly leaving early, according to's Tony Pauline on twitter.

Sources tell me tonight will be the final college game for DeAndre Hopkins/WR/Clemson as he will enter the draft....

Now if this is the case, and Nuk is gone to the pros, I believe Tajh will declare next. If you think about how poor this QB class is, Boyd would be the best QB to declare, and it's not even close. According to Jason Pieri though, who most people on here thinks word is gospel for some odd reason, he will tell you Boyd "cant read a defense", which is obviously one of the funniest things I've ever heard. He was going through progressions all night vs LSU, finding 2nd and 3rd options on the regular, all while running for his life as the pocket continually collapsed around him. He has the ability to extend plays with his legs, has a great arm, and most importantly is extremely accurate with his passes, moving the chains on just about every drive, as evidenced by Clemson running 100 plays of offense vs LSU.

If Boyd doesn't come out, then so be it and we'll have to look elsewhere, but we need to stop the "Lets take Glennon in the 1st or 2nd round!" chatter. Dude is what he is, a stiff who cant win at the college level. Things don't get easier in the NFL. If you were flunking high school, you're not gonna roll into college and just start kicking a**. Same principle here. I'm out.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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