Buffalo Bills News, 1/21: C.J. Spiller Is Pretty Good


C.J. Spiller continues to draw praise from the folks at Pro Football Focus, while Buffalo Bills scouts head to the Senior Bowl.

Signature Stats: Pulse Rate | ProFootballFocus.com

"So instead of chasing a blunt average, we are going to look at a player’s rushing average using only runs of 10 or fewer yards, with anything that went longer than that given a capped value of 10 yards and still included in the average."

- We all know C.J. Spiller's yards per carry was great thanks to some big runs. What you might be surprised about is that even taking those line runs away, he was still the second most effective runner in the league. Spiller has really developed into a complete runner. As PFF notes, he doesn't take very many runs for a loss anymore like he did in his younger days. He was stuffed on just 15.5% of his runs, way better than a certain man who can supposedly carry the rock for 24 hours.

How the Bills scout the Senior Bowl - BuffaloBills.com

"Buffalo will have upwards of 15 scouts at the Senior Bowl practices this week. Having those kinds of numbers leads to specific assignments for each and every one of the college talent evaluators."

- This is a pretty in-depth look at what the Bills scouts will be doing this week at the Senior Bowl. For instance, all of the scouts watch the first few days of practice but once the walk-throughs start, only two remain for the game to see what's going on outside of the game action.

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Signature Stats: Drop Rate - Wide Receivers | ProFootballFocus.com
Stevie Johnson was 10th in the NFL with 11 drops but with the number of passes thrown his way, he was well outside the top ten in percentage.

Michael Vick-New York Jets union reportedly unlikely - NFL.com
Tarvaris Jackson could be headed to the New York Jets, per Adam Schefter, as former Seahawks exec John Idzik is in charge.

Marrone is another example that timing is everything : Auburn Pub
Shawn Bissetta thinks Doug Marrone's "turnaround" at Syracuse was dubious, at best. The way his final season finished catapulted him into the NFL while he could have easily had another losing season.

Buffalo Bills Mock Draft: 7-Round Projections After East-West Shrine Game | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report
They go with an OLB in the first, QB Ryan Nassib in the second, and a wide receiver in the third round. That's as far as I got.

First Pro Bowl, now Super Bowl: Donte Whitner keeps moving on - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News

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