What championship weekend taught us.

Every year it seems like the playoffs give us time to reflect on our own team and what ingredients truly make up a winner. After watching a championship round in 2012 I decided to share some opinionated nuggets on what I think about the final four, fans, and the ever evolving recipe for success.

-Defense can still win championships.

-The Patriots have not one a Super Bowl in nearly a decade because of defensive short comings. Yet have been in it every year because of a prolific offense. Remind u of anyone?( Bills of the 90's, Colts of the 2000's)

-There are two types of fans: Those who recognize its a team game and those who often comment as if it's just quarterback vs quarterback.

-This week Joe Flacco is a great QB. Also the week, Matt Ryan isn't clutch. Tom Brady should retire and Colin Kaepernick is the reason every rookie quarterback should start season one.

-Terrell Suggs is one of the least likable players in the NFL.

-A great wide receiver, you know, the ones who are "not covered when they are covered;" make life much easier for a quarterback. All four teams in the championship round have elite receiver talent. All played well, one was injured and did not play but was sorely missed.

-The Super Bowl will feature two quarterbacks not ranked In the top ten in 2012

-The Super Bowl will feature two teams not ranked in the top ten in team offense in 2012

-Has their ever been a coach in NFL history who loses less gracefully then Bill Belichick?

-Some teams really might be teams of destiny (good luck.) The Ravens are average/slightly below average on defense and offense but have been finding ways to win.

-Copycat league? Does every team in the NFL run the same offense? It often looks that way.

I think at this point it's hard to dispute the impact Jim Harbaugh has had on the 49ers franchise. This team had talent for years and could not produce a winning record until he took over. Since he has graced the sidelines, this yearly bottom feeder has been in two NFC championship games and now the Super Bowl. Coaching really does seem like the singular modifier that takes you out of the muddled middle and into elite status as a franchise.

Should we now consider global warming and it's effect on playoff football? No snow In the 2012 playoff rounds. Please recycle everyone.

What did championship weekend teach u?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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