Mock Draft....Sort of....

Since this is still January, and very, very early, this isn't what I would call a, "Here is what I think will happen" Mock draft, more like a "Here are some ideas I have about what may occur" kinda mock draft. Please keep in mind that yes free agency hasn't happened, which could change a lot, Comp picks haven't been handed out, which could change a lot, and of course there are, (I am sure) going to be some cuts made that will change a lot.

Round 1 - Tyler Wilson QB - Arkansas - I have watched some Youtube clips of pretty much all the QBs we might consider in this spot. If you haven't looked these are not just highlights, they are clips of every play that said QB is involved in during one game. For instance I watched Wilson and Arkansas take on LSU. The clip shows every pass, incomplete, complete, intercepted, whatever. You can pick up quite a bit. Of all of the guys I have watched my personnel pecking order would go Barkley, Glennon, Wilson, Nassib. (note I do not count Smith because I don't think he will be there). However I am by no means a professional scout, just some schmuck who watch a couple of internet clips. Those who do make a living, or at least know more about this stuff then me, seem to think Wilson has put himself on the top of this list. So for now I think he is the pick.

Here is the thing; Geno Smith will be off the board, if the Bills want to get a QB that their fan base can get at least mildly excited about they are in the perfect position to get every QB in this draft not named Geno. As Russ Brandon said,"The Bills brand has been tarnished." He knows they need to do something for the fans. I think they stick with the pick and take the 2nd best QB in this draft and right now many seem to think that is Wilson. So I will stick with him as the pick for now.

Round 2 - Kevin Minter ILB - LSU - Like I said I watched the Arkansas vs. LSU game from Tyler Wilson's pass attempts and even just in watching the pass plays I saw how good Minter is. This guy kinda reminds me of Daryl Talley, one of those guys that is in on every play, hits hard, plays the run and is adequate in coverage.There is no question that the Bills need help at LB.

Round 3 - Cobi Hamilton WR - Arkansas - As we all know, speed at the combine and pro-day's will put the WR draft boards in flux. Hamilton isn't the fastest WR out there so I see him dropping a little. He is however very sure handed, and pretty elusive. When watching Tyler Wilson I saw Hamilton was his go to guy and was very good about making a quick move to get separation, both before and after the catch. The Bills need a guy who could possibly start on the outside, and I see Hamilton a being the kind of guy that could do that. As a rookie? maybe not, but definitely down the road.

Round 4 - Andre Ellington RB - Clemson - I know most will hate this pick because they will all say that we have two backs and have bigger holes to fill. Blah, Blah, Blah, that is nonsense. Fred is over 30 years old and really showed signs of slowing down this past year, he has 1 maybe 2 good years left. CJ Spiller is awesome, but he is still on the smaller side and has missed some time and gotten dinged up both of the last two years. Anybody remember the NE game that he came back from injury early to play and had a costly fumble? Yeah and Tashard Choice isn't the answer unless the question is who shouldn't be the #3 RB on the Bills roster this year. Ellington is a small compact guy (5-10 /190) who run off of contact, he isn't the water bug type like Spiller. Ellington can play special teams until Fred is gone then he can be a bigger part of the offense.

Round 5 - Sanders Commings CB - Georgia - This is a very deep draft for CB. Not a ton of high end guys, but there are probably 20 guys right now that you could make the case for going somewhere in the first 4 rounds. That probably wont happen which means some pretty good talent will still be on the board later in the draft. McGee and McKelvin are both probably gone and many think that Aaron Williams could be switched to safety. Even if Williams stays at CB the Bills could use some depth in this area. Commings is a little big for a corner at 6-2 / 216 which may make him run a little slower at the combine, which will make him slide, but it will allow him to be more physical against NFL WR's. Which could also mean that HE could switch to safety. I see this pick as a solid secondary depth pick up.

Round 6 - Cameron Lawrence OLB - Mississippi State- Again, the Bills need LB depth. Lawrence is a tackling machine who recorded double digit tackles in multiple games this past year adding to his 111 total.

You may notice a couple of things;

1st - these are all guys from southern schools.

2nd - these are all guys from big schools.

3rd - you may have heard many if not all of these names before.

I tried to keep it simple and stick with what I know. Really just a discussion starter.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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