We're Caught Between a Mock and a Hard Place v2

Welcome to my second mock draft of the season which, as is my custom, comes right on the heels of the Senior Bowl. I got held out to dry after my first mock by Jordan Matthews not declaring, but these things happen.

This is the eight mock I have posted on Rumblings over the years, and it is the first that explores the possibility of trading down. Everyone's favorite trade down target is (and should be) the Rams. They have two first round picks with neither coming in the top 15. It could make plenty of sense for them to make the jump from #16 to get a blue chip guy.

The Bills' first rounder is almost exactly the value of the Rams' first and second. Buddy Nix pulls the trigger.

1) Alec Ogletree (LB, Georgia) 6'3 236lbs - from the Rams

I am not a huge fan of the Ogletree pick, but I had already decided to trade down and backed myself into a corner. He is a big talent that has a number of question marks that get glossed over. Ogletree's suspension from UGA ( reportedly for substance abuse) is a bit of a red flag. There are some rough spots to his game, as he struggles with leverage on inside runs and can over pursue at times. That being said, the former safety moves like it and plays angry. An athlete with this size, speed, fluidity, and production in the SEC is sure to be a hot commodity come draft day.

2) Margus Hunt (DE, Southern Methodist) 6'8 277lbs

Hunt is extremely raw and extremely gifted. His 82 inch wingspan basically makes him the wandering albatross of football players, and (if that's not enough) he runs like a linebacker at 280 pounds. He has the ability to take over games completely, but will also disappear for long stretches. Hunt's biggest problem in the pros will be learning to keep his pad level down and developing pass rush moves. Whether or not he can naturally bend is the big question here, but the Estonian thrower has likely done some squats in his day; it is reasonable to assume that he can learn to play lower with time. Raw? Yes. Worth a shot in the second round? Absolutely.

2) Jonathan Cyprien (S, Florida International) 6'0 209lbs - from the Rams

Even assuming Jairus Byrd is a Bill in 2013, I still think safety is quietly a top need on this team; we still do not know what kind of player Searcy is, and I think most would agree that Wilson's on the decline.

Cyprien is an absolute stud. In my opinion, he is the cream of the crop in a potent safety class. He plays like his helmets on fire and can make an impact on all levels of the field. He breaks on plays really well in the deep half, and comes downhill like he's shot out of a cannon. Cyprien is a yoked 209 that grabbed a lot of attention at the Senior Bowl weigh ins. More importantly, he also plays fast and aggressively on the field. This guys an NFL starter by the end of training camp.

3) Brad Sorensen (QB, Southern Utah) 6'5 230lbs

I finally get around to that sort of important QB position, and do so with a guy from Southern Utah.

I really wish I could have seen more of Sorensen, but everything I have seen from him has been rather impressive. He is a big guy with a strong arm that is tough to bring down in the pocket and moves better than you would expect. The sticking point with Sorensen is his release; it's the fastest (best) in this draft class and provides coaches with a highly desirable trait that is usually very difficult to teach. Catching up to NFL speed will be a huge challenge for him, but Sorensen won't have to worry about messing with his throwing mechanics to get there.

4) Adrian Bushell (CB, Louisville) 5'11 184lbs

Bushell is an outstanding athlete. He is explosive and fluid and short areas, and has very good linear speed which translates to some great work in special teams. Bushell's also aware and savvy in coverage, where some work with technique will make him very difficult to separate from.

5) Darrin Moore (WR, Texas Tech) 6-4 216lbs

I can't (and I mean, not for the life of me) figure out why no one at all is talking about Darrin Moore. A JuCo transfer to Texas Tech, I have him rated as the second best WR in this class without even blinking an eye. While not having explosive speed, he is a tall, strong guy that gets off the line quickly and is a load to bring down after the catch. Having said that, Moore's best attribute is his hands. He is a natural hands catcher that can pluck the ball out of the air away from his frame, and who knows how to high point the ball and leave the DB without any real chance of making the play. I can't find anyone whose ranked him highly and I have no freaking idea why.

He was suspended for a game early this season after a DWI over the summer, so there's some potential character flags there. It doesn't seem as though he has stepped out of line since being disciplined by the coaches at Tech, however. He responded with 92 catches and 13 TDs in his shortened season.

6) Kyle Juszczyk (TE/FB, Harvard) 6-1, 248lbs

Even if the Bills hang onto McIntyre, they could really use another player in the TE/FB group. Juszczyk is the type of guy that Buffalo would fall in love with. Obviously smart, he's also a tough player that's a better athlete than you'll see anyone give him credit for. I see him as a versatile H-back that is useful as a lead blocker but can also be flexed out to create mismatches in the passing game. He moves well in the open field and has some really good hands.

Questions? Comments? I always see these as conversation starters.

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