QB Shuffle Poll

A Quick poll. Regardless this is beyond for sure selecting a QB in the draft. This is selecting another quarterback via free agency and bringing in those changes over salary or scheme changes. I'll list the true free agent options and probable additions to the pool of free agency and take a poll at the bottom for the one you think best gives the Bills an opportunity to get into the playoffs. Not necessarily be our "franchise qb" but at least a competitive bridge QB to get us into the playoffs.

Not listed in order of preference just from Free Agent to most likely going to be free agents in the off-season

  1. Jason Campbell was the back up in Chicago. He has great size at 6-5 and in 240 range
  2. Matt Moore played for the Dolphins this past year. The biggest thing on Moore is he does fumble a lot and has an array of injuries dealing with his shoulder. He was solid for the Dolphins though when Tannehil went down with his own set of injuries.
  3. Drew Stanton was on the Jets in the beginning of the season the shipped out when Tebow landed. He hasn't thrown a pass since 2010. However he has all the physical tools needed. He is 28 years old.
  4. Chase Daniel- Backup to Drew Brees hasn't had any competition since Patrick Ramsey in 2010.
  5. David Garrard- was also with the Dolphins. Had knee surgery. I didn't know this but he suffers from Crohn's disease. He is a solid QB when healthy. Key word is when.
  6. Tarvaris Jackson- Was our back up that we never saw in action. Strong indication that he will be on the Jets possibly competing for a starting job. We did trade a 7th round pick for him.
  7. Josh Johnson- 26 years old was a Jim Harbaugh project. Stands 6 foot 3 205. He was signed in December by the Browns but who knows if he stays on with the team.
  8. Alex Smith- Will probably be released from the 49ers. He was having a solid year before getting knocked out with concussion. 28 years old and has adequate skills. Doesn't do anything exceptionally well.
  9. Mike Vick- Might be released by the Philly's due to the change in guard there. Along with his contract they might just turn the reins over to the QB they decide to choose or hand it off to Nick Foles.
  10. Blaine Gabbert-6-4 235 he is 23 years old. He has shown a mix bag of things in Jacksonville. Maybe teaming up with our young coaching staff can help him maybe not. The new regime may want to start over with their own guy.
  11. Matt Flynn- Has an expensive contract
  12. Kevin Kolb- Might be cut by Arizona Cards because he is expensive and just was very ineffective last season.
  13. Kyle Orton- He is a veteran who use to start for the Bears and current back up in Dallas. However he did sign a 3 year contract to replace Jon Kitna.
  14. Matt Cassel- The Chiefs might go towards Brady Quinn and whoever they draft.

I for one from a fan's point of view, I am tired of watching Fitz. It is easy to think Alex Smith is the answer but he does seem like lateral move at the position. The Marrone/Hackett offense seems more up-tempo and ability to really reward a powerful qb arm and mobility.
I place my vote with Mike Vick and Tarvaris Jackson. Vick has an ability that we have yet to see in Buffalo. It would be interesting to see what a mobile qb with that powerful of an arm could do in Buffalo. We have a lot better O-line then Philly and i think the coaching staff being very young and able to work with Vick could re-energize him.
It would be a challenge for Vick to come to Buffalo and get us to the playoffs. He has the velocity and arm strength to throw the ball down the field in the wind. He would be kept in check with Hackett and Marrone so he wasn't placed in a position where he have to take the shots he took in Philly.
Hopefully if we did sign him it would be to an incentive deal with bonuses for us reaching the playoffs and the amount of games he was able to start in. If he did get injured we would have our back up rookie or someone solid like Jason Campbell to back him up.
T-Jax is my 2nd choice because he has a similar skill set to Vick. He is just bigger the downside was he didn't play at all last year. He is an adequate passer who has velocity on his throws. He manages the game well enough to give his team a chance to win. He does possess the ability to throw the ball down field.
These characteristics are things Fitz just doesnt have that would be nice to see. It was great to even see Vince Young in his lone deep pass to Graham in the pre-season. To think to have a guy that has the ability to do that week in and week out is intriguing.
Who would you guys select? Feel free to state why you believe they are best for our Buffalo Bills.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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