I Just Had a Wonderful Realization about the Head Coach Sweepstakes

Actually, I have two wonderful realizations. First, I am convinced we will outbid for any Head Coach we really want, so the money issue will not be an issue except in a pro Bills kinda way. The other realization is that Andy Reid was not considered for the position, which I think is a positive sign when it comes to the intellectual smarts of the OBD 4 conducting the search for a new HC.

So, convinced we will not be outbid, the next question is what do we offer the next HC? Here is where Russ Brandon's new authority as The Man with no limitations and no restrictions makes a significant difference. I think Russ can assure the candidate they want to hire that the Bills are ready to take the next step into championship football relevance, the HC does not need to hit the ground crawling, but can hit the ground running, and that includes a plan to acquire a free agent QB that can start next year and a top notch 1st or 2nd round QB from the draft that could battle for the starting position within 1-2 yrs at most.

I have insisted that the Bills were 5-6 players away from being very good. That assumes re--signing their two top free agents (Byrd and Levitre) who happen to be two of their best players on the team. With some aggressive free agency work and a new QB or two in the fold, the Bills could enter the draft looking for 2-3 other players to take the next step into playoff football relevancy. I believe those 2-3 players have to include another cornerback, safety, and linebacker.

The most important factor for a new HC though, is not whether the Bills lack 3 or 4 or 5 players in key positions, but whether he likes the vision of the GM going forward. As well, with the future GM involved, does he believe in the GM's right hand man as much or even more than he does Nix?

If the Bills have their wallets open (as they did this past off season with Super Mario) and they can sell the GM and his team's vision, they have as good a chance as any team remaining to land their favorite candidate.

The Bills may be the best 6-10 team in football. They lost lots of games in the 4th quarter, which in my view is due as much to coaching as it is talent. I think a candidate analyzing the Bills as a team will recognize what Russ Brandon has been saying, along with Nix: this team is better than its record shows. We just need a world class coach to take us to where we want to go.

And when the candidate says, ok, but I have other attractive offers me the money.....???

I think we reel them in with an offer they will not be able to refuse.

And I have come to this conclusion because Russ Brandon knows the value of restoring the Brand of the Buffalo Bills.

Some things are expensive, but the Buffalo Bills circling the wagons for real? That's Priceless.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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