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Haven't had time to get around to this yet but I figured better late than never and I'll throw one together...

The offseason strategy will operate under a simple slogan: "Suck for Clowney 2013". Sign Mark Sanchez as new QB. Sign ayardbe as HC. Draft Teo in 1st and Dysert in 2nd. Sit Spiller for a year to work on his conditioning and keep him fresh. Use 2014 1st overall pick to draft Clowney. Demote ayardbe to motivational speaker and find new HC. Watch teams try to score on Mario, Clowney, KW, Dareus, Teo, Gilmore, and Byrd. Championship.

Alright obviously I'm joking... Here is the real plan assuming report about Chip Kelly being disinterested in Bills is true. It's not so much a concrete plan on attacking FA and the draft as a list of ideas.

Sign Horton as HC, Norv Turner as OC, Mike Singletary as DC... Lovie Smith and Ken Wisenhunt are both tempting options, but I think Horton is exactly the kind of fiery personality that could help bring the best out of this talented group of underperformers. Give him coordinators with experience and let him take on the oversight role that he desires. He is a passionate guy that can relate to the players in a way that won't comprimise his authority.

Release Ryan Fitzpatrick (edit: or restructure contract), Terrence McGee, and Brad Smith, restructure Kelsay and Wilsons contracts, resign Byrd, Levitre, McKelvin, Jones, Mcintyre, and Nelson. Take a shot at Dwayne Bowe in FA, but more likely than not he will be out of our price range. In that case, keep a low profile and grab some depth. Glenn Dorsey would be a nice guy to bring in at the right price to rotate in as a 3rd DT if faith in Troup is low. Denario Alexander is a RFA and ties to Norv Turner could lead to matching a contract offered to him with a 3rd round tender. Consider signing Jared Cook or Fred Davis to give Norv a 2nd legitimate threat at TE for his double tight sets. Bring in Matt Moore as a back-up QB. Evaluate Lindell and determine if he can still be trusted, and if not look to sign Shayne Graham or Rob Bironas. Having a reliable Kicker with the range to hit from 50+ is crucial to winning close games and can't be overlooked.

In the draft, look for a QB in the first round. Glennon would be my top choice at #8. If Glennon is gone, look to grab Nassib. In the event that neither are highly rated or are already picked, take the BPA. I don't like Te'o as a top 10 pick. I don't think he matches up with Keuchly or Patrick Willis in terms of talent to warrant that selection. I'll take a stab at Keenen Allen of Cal, a big powerful WR who runs great routes and makes big plays after the catch much like TO did throughout his career. In the second, I like Dysert if we didn't address the QB position. If we already got our QB, I like Justin Hunter (WR Ten), Matt Elam (SS, Florida), Tyler Eifert (TE ND), Zach Ertz (TE Stanford), or a pass rusher who grades out highly. Use the next few rounds to find depth at OG/C, LB, S, QB, and CB based on how the first two rounds played out...

These players are based on the ideas that:

- We need a QB (obviously)

- We need a 2nd WR, preferably big and physical as that is the mold of WR Norv Turner used in SD (Jackson, Floyd)

- We need another TE. Turner used a lot of 2 TE sets in SD, and a dangerous one could emulate what Gates did for SD.

Option 1 (My Favorite)

1) Glennon/Nassib

2) Eifert/Ertz

Option 2:

1) Glennon/Nassib

2) Hunter

Option 3:

1) Glennon

2) Elam

3) WR/TE

Option 4:

1) Allen

2) Dysert

If I had to combine all of this into my ideal off-season, the key moves would end up being:

- Resign Byrd, Levitre, McKelvin, Nelson, McIntyre, and Jones

- Release (or restructure) Fitz, McGee, and Brad Smith, Restructure Kelsay/Wilson

- Match 3rd round tender on Denario Alexander

- Sign Glenn Dorsey, Matt Moore (if Fitz is released), and Shayne Graham (and release Lindell)

- Draft Glennon as the new QB

- Draft Eifert/Ertz as a new TE

- Improve depth at OG/C, S, and LB in the middle rounds

Coaches: Horton, Turner, Singletary

QB- Glennon, Moore/Fitz

RB- Spiller, Jackson, Choice

WR- Johnson, Alexander, Nelson, Graham, Jones, and Martin

TE- Eifert/Ertz, Chandler

FB- McIntyre

OT- Glenn, Pears, Hairston, Sanders

OG- Urbik, Levitre, Reinhart, Draft Pick

C- Wood

DE- Mario, Anderson, Kelsay, Moore

DT- KW, Dareus, Dorsey, Carrington

WOLB- Barnett, Scott, FA/Draft

SOLB- Bradham, FA/Draft

MLB- Sheppard, McKillop

CB- GIlmore, WIlliams, Brooks, Rodgers, McKelvin, Draft Pick

FS- Byrd, FA/Draft Pick

SS- Searcy, Wilson

K- Graham

P- Powell or UFA

What would your grades be on this offseason? A, B, C, D, or F...

What would you change?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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