Tradedown Mock

Following up on the possibility of a trade-down with the Rams to 16 and gaining an additional pick at 46, here's an attempt at a Bills mock:

Pick 16 - Cordarelle Patterson, Tenn. (WR)

One of the top few receivers in this draft, Patterson will be able to use his size and athleticism to get contested grabs, meeting the "covered when he's not covered" criteria. He will draw attention away from Stevie, and could become a true #1 receiver and a blessing for a new QB.

Pick 41 - Ryan Nassib, Syr. (QB)

I am not thrilled with Nassib or any of the 2013 QBs other than Smith. But Nassib will have advantages over the others in his familiarity with the Bills' coaches and offense. He has a great play action fake and is a true competitor at heart. I expect him to be there at 41. If not, I would consider Landry Jones here.

Pick 46 - Sean Porter, Texas A&M (OLB)

A natural Will LB, Porter is one of the best LBs in the draft at coverage and pursuit, and he impressed the coaches in this regard at the Senior Bowl practices. He also has experience with pass rushing, racking up 9.5 sacks last season - a benefit on a Bills team expected to blitz more. Porter can be Nick Barnett's successor, but might also excel in the nickel LB spot.

Pick 71 - Cornelius Carradine, FL. St. (DE)

Carradine is a first round talent whose season was cut short by an ACL tear. He may not have an offseason, and there is a slight risk that he won't come back at the same level of play. But DE is not a position of immediate need for the Bills. Carradine partnered with Werner to terrorize offensive lines and quarterbacks, and he rivaled Werner in tackles and sacks. He might be available here because teams with immediate needs won't take a risk on him earlier.

Round 4 - Brad Sorenson, Southern Utah (QB)

Sorenson has prototypical size, a strong arm and a quick release. He set records at Southern Utah. He has loads of upside, although he needs work on his progressions and he hasn't had experience with top rate opposition. A top rate developmental QB who could end up winning the starting position, or could become a solid back up. Sorenson could go earlier than the 4th, in which case I would consider Matt Scott or Nick Florence in the later rounds. Taking a QB with potential here makes me much more comfortable with not taking a QB in Round 1 (which would be a risk, anyway, given the class).

Round 5 - Tyrann Matthieu, LSU-ish (CB)

The Honey Badger brings his off the field issues, but Ron Brooks is a former teammate and might help him make the transition to professional play. Matthieu is a natural playmaker on the inside and is a steal here, considering his talent alone.

Round 6 - Dustin Hopkins, Fl. St. (K)

We need more players from Florida State. This guy punts too!

This mock fully addresses our most pressing needs at receiver by getting us possibly the best WR in the draft. It strengthens the DL and LB corps and gives us a shot at both a QB of the future and a backup or developmental guy. It doesn't do much from us on the outside at CB, requiring Brooks to win that starting job, or possibly an FA to fill it. If you're not happy with Shep at MLB, there's nothing here for that. Also provides no help at safety or upgrade/substitution for Chandler at TE.

What do you think?

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