A 2008 Ravens draft inspired mock for the Bills

In 2008, the Ravens found themselves drafting at No8. With Ozzie Newsome working his magic they were able to trade down in both the 1st and 2nd rounds yet still come away with a leading QB in Joe Flacco and a ProBowl RB in Ray Rice. They also increased the number of their non-compensatory picks from 5 to 7 adding to the depth on the roster. Below are my thoughts on how Nix/Whaley might achieve something similar but with a Bills slant.
R1.8 Trade down with Rams for No16 and No46. The Rams are looking for OL help and it is very possible that neither Fisher not Warnock will be there at No16

R1.16 Mike Glennon QB, North Carolina St Wolfpack.

We need a new franchise QB. Glennon has a lot of upside and considering how Hackett/Marrone moved Nassib forward, they have potential to do the same with Glennon. Whilst not the most mobile neither is Flacco and it is Flacco he has been compared to. Comes from a Pro-football offense under a coach who developed Matt Ryan at Boston College

R2.41 Justin Hunter WR, Tennessee Volunteers

A new target for Glennon with more experience than Patterson, A season from a non-contact ACL he could fall to us and would be a No1a to Stevie’s No1b.

R2.46. Trade down with the Broncos for No58 and No90. The Broncos will be looking for DL help and if they don’t take one in R1, then Sylvester Williams won’t last until the bottom of R2. Other partners include the Packers, and the 49ers.

R2.58. Logan Ryan CB, Rutgers Scarlet Knights

There are several CBs likely to be available around R2 and several carry grades anywhere from the bottom of R1 to R3. Ryan had an excellent junior season

R3.71. John Simon DE/OLB, Ohio St Buckeyes

A blue collar relentless DE with the potential to play SLB and a non-stop motor supplementing a powerful work ethic. Most sacks of any senior and may be able to play OLB opposite Mario if Pettine gives the defense and occasional 3-4 look

R3.90 Gerald Hodges WLB, Penn St Nittany Lions

Can play all 3 LB positions but his speed as a former safety makes him a great prospect for the weakside

R4. Tom Wort MLB, Oklahoma Sooners

Excellent MLB hampered by niggling injuries in his junior year but a steal this low. Will either push Sheppard to perform or out of the starting line-up

R5. Jake Stoneburner TE, Ohio St Buckeyes

Terribly underutilised by Urban Meyer but a good inline blocker and with excellent hands able be an excellent safety net in case Chandler’s recovery falters.

R6 Lonnie Pryor FB, Florida St Seminoles

I thought about Lattimore but as Marrone often uses a Full Back taking the unsung hero of the Seminoles team who can carry the ball at the goal line but who has also demonstrate great hands and excellent lead blocking ability makes more sense.

I personally believe that the draft above will fill all of the Bills needs - save for the horrendous thought of having to replace Levitre or Bryd which I have deliberately ignored..

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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