What do you like this weekend? Wildcard Weekend

The playoffs are upon us; and, if you're having the same luck as me, you are looking forward to some straight/consistent NFL betting action to make up for your terrible bowl season record (my goodness...up is down, wet is dry, and hot is cold in this ridiculously difficult to predict bowl season). Let's recap week 17:

SD-10***: (L) So Terrel Pryor really isn't as bad or green as I thought he'd be? Or, does San Diego just really suck?

Dal @ Was OVER 49.5** (L) Washington did their part and Tony Romo did not...

IND+7** (W) Pulled a decisive upset over a team that was hoping to, but not needing to win. Also - if you've read any of my posts in the past, you know I do not read too much into the emotional play as these are professionals. Indy has proved me wrong a couple of times with Pagano's cancer battle. Gladly, I went with the emotional pick and it worked.

SEA-11*** (L) Not quite what I was expecting. Like many, I expected Seattle to continue blowing teams out through the playoffs. I even went as far as to name them my sleeper pick for the Super Bowl. After last week's struggle at home, my money will be resting solely on the shoulders of RGIII this week! More on that later.

Phi@NYG OVER 46* (W) Not the way I thought it was going to cover, but none-the-less the G-Men finally did something for me this year.

NYJ+3.5: (L) The Bills had the knife in me most of the season...Sunday they gave it one last twist. Typically, I would not play Bills games as it is just too tough to watch them and root for them with your money on the other side of the field. However, I vowed to always make a Bills play to keep this Bills focused. Costing me a few more bucks was a fitting end to this season of unfulfilled hope and wasted potential. Glad I don't have to make a Bills pick for the rest of the season. Ugh.

An ugly 2-3-0 on the week brings my season record to 53-42-2.

Wildcard Weekend Lines:

CIN@HOU-4.5 o/u 43

MIN@GB-8 o/u 46

IND@BAL-7 o/u 47

SEA@WAS+3 o/u 46

My picks:

CIN+4.5*: I like Cinci's momentum going into the playoffs. Houston has been playing uninspired football and I think it catches up with them against a young team with some serious talent. I like Cinci to either squeak out the win or, at least, make a game out of it and cover.

MIN@GB OVER 46***: I am tempted to take Green Bay here. They won't lose twice to the Vikings in back-to-back weeks. However, I do think these teams will continue their scoring pace from last week without much let down.

IND+7**: I keep hearing Balty is the play here. I don't see it. While I do not expect Indy to win this, I do expect them to cover. They will continue to ride the "emotional play" for me this week.

IND@BAL OVER 47***: Easy money here as this is a 28-24 kind of game in my mind.

Finally, my play of the weekend WAS+3*****: We all thought Seattle was the hot team going into the playoffs until they got knocked down a bit by an underachieving Rams team at home! What a difference a week makes. Now the hot team is Washington and the 'Hawks have to go out on the road (not something they are necessarily good at) to take on a 'Skins team that is peaking right in time for a playoff run. The atmosphere in Washington will be electric and the 'Hawks come out of this one fried!

Well? What do you like this weekend?

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