Ryan Nassib

Figured this is going to be brought up eventually and might as well put my spin on things.

I hope he does not become the Bills Quarterback. I'm on the fence leaning towards optimistic with the Doug Marrone hire. I believed the Bills needed a Head Coach that know how to DEVELOP players as opposed to a coach like a Lovie Smith that knows how to make a system and maximize the system as opposed to the players. Plus Lovie is great for a veteran defense and that is not something we have, I believe the Bears have only handful of players under 3 seasons. When that is the majority of what we have are players 4 years and under. I was hoping they interview Mike Zimmer of the Bengals but I digress.

On to Nassib. I see this time and time again and I had to create a post. I am in the Syracuse area and I watch Syracuse games very regularly. So i'm going to break down what I hear a lot in debates.

  • Ryan Nassib Arm Strength
  1. You see arguments on this all the time. Some say Nassib has too much Arm Strength and that he hurts receivers hands he throws it so Fast. Key word is Fast. He does have the arm strength to throw the ball Fast. Now that Velocity is only good and accurate when it is down the middle of the field and within 15 yards. Sound Familiar?
  2. Nassib does not have a threatening Deep ball. That is where his arm strength is a question. That speed and power he has in short range does not translate to anything accurate or a weapon for the deep pass down the field.
  • A lot of people like to link up Tannehill of the Dolphins and why we should draft Nassib

  1. This is no where near a comparison and this is why. Ryan Nassib is a 5th year senior. He is producing in a system that plays to his strengths and to competition he has seen over the years. He is a solid college quarterback, I'm not taking anything away from him. He is a good leader. More so that leadership though is due to him being a older quarterback than really depending on his talent. Tannehill on the other hand was so athletic he was on of the leading Receivers while he competed for the quarterback position. A lot of people shoot this down but Tannehill played in the SEC as well during those years. Nassib went against the Big East. Many argue that you can't help who you play just how you do. Those are valid points however when it comes to how you develop and the tests you are able to overcome obstacles the SEC proves higher stakes to overcome in terms of defenses you are facing and the physical talent on the field than that of the Big East
  2. The counter argument to that is not every great QB has come out of the SEC. Which is true you have your Big Ben's and Mike Vick's etc. However those quarterbacks have physical gifts that elevate them to the top so they can handle the playing level of the NFL. Nassib has nothing skill wise or athletic wise to really have him stand out against the rest of the field. He is physically about the same size as Fitz and the thing that is highlighted most often is His INTELLIGENCE. Again sounds familiar? Not that it is bad to be Intelligent but as scary as it sounds doesn't always win you football games and that intelligence doesn't do you much good if the decisions arent the right ones under pressure. Which is what Nassib will face every single game cause he is a rookie the defenses are going to throw everything they got and I see him stumbling behind our huge O-line and tucking it and getting killed. Nassib is tough though he can take hits just like Fitz and gives him heart but again doesn't give us WINS.
  • This is more of a comment of just watching Nassib. He makes me nervous cause he gets the Trent Edwards and JP Losman happy feet syndrome. He is like dancing in the pocket at times and throws an odd tippy toe pass. Idk how to really describe it to be honest. Just Awkward comes to mind every time i see it.

What I would Love from a QB that I don't think that Nassib can deliver:

  1. I would love to see a QB in a Bills uniform that can complete a pass beyond the side hashes accurately and with speed/power.
  2. I want to have a QB that can use the entire field sideline to sideline and No not just on a screen pass, but be able to hit the sideline pass 20 yards down the field.
  3. I would like a QB that can still get out of the pocket and be a threat to run.
  4. I'd love a quarterback that can complete a Fade pass especially in the red zone.
  5. Love a QB that can Audible it was very evident in the Pinstripe Bowl that Geno Smith had control and could audible plays and I was impressed Smith made the right audible's most of the time. He changed to a run play that scored a TD for WV but was called back on a questionable holding call.
  6. Handle and create a play off a blitz or broken play.
  7. Doesn't get his passes batted out of the air
  8. Has the ability to hit a player IN stride.

There is more than 8 things but I'm kind of in a rush. I have no power in the choice of our next QB just as I have no choice with the Head Coach. I just hope we objectively select our QB then automatically choose Nassib especially with the 8th pick in the draft.

I think Nassib is a solid to good College quarterback and he has accomplished a lot. Some things were not in his control at Syracuse like with the audibling plays and I do wish him the best. I just don't want him to be our QB for the Bills. He just can't do the things on that list. Not personnel thing. He has great stats and was successful in college. I just can't see him getting our Bills offense and team to the playoffs.

So leave your thoughts below. I'm sure many will say I'm a hater against the Orange and I missed this one game that Nassib did all this one time. I like the Orange and I'm not a homer. I do have the curse of loving the Bills more than I do my Syracuse sports even being a native of Syracuse. Let me know how far off my rocker I really am.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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