The Cream of Western New York

Hello Rumblers, you are probably confused as to what I mean by my usage of "Cream" in the title. Don't be afraid folks, bare with me here as I deliver the importance of this unique cream.

This is not the cream of a cannoli, nope.Nor is it the cream of a Paula's Donut (I thank the man/ woman/ native american/ monkey/ fish/ frog/ salamander/ cheesegrater above for the decadently delightful presence of both cannolis and Paulas Donuts).

This is the cream of Western New York's best crop of athletic influence through both a media and cultural standpoint. The Orangemen and the Bills.

Syracuse University is an academic foundation of pride, history, and success, all proven evident by it's presence of proven alumni.

The Buffalo Bills are a professional foundation of struggle, belief, and community, solely due to the franchise's lost identity after of the glory days of Jim Kelly and friends (Bruce Smith and friends) (Thurman Thomas and friends) (Andre Reed and Friends) (Cornelius Bennet and friends!) (Turkey Johanssen and friends.) (Wait... What?).

In all seriousness here, we as Bills fans are steaming into a new era. This era is incredibly unique, closely knitted, and intelligently mapped.

The current representation of the Buffalo Bills is Western New York grown, Western New York educated, Western New York billieved , and Western New York committed.

Recently hired coach Doug Marrone has earned praise from figures of great credibility including coaching guru Bill Parcells and current Saints coach Sean Payton, who recently called Marrone, "a great leader" and "a great teacher". Payton's most convincing words were, "I think hes certainly someone the players will respond to, and I think he's ready."

YES! YES! THE PLAYERS WILL RESPOND TO HIM! At times Chan looked like he was incapable of even getting a leprechaun's attention while wearing a suit made out of scotch taped gold coins and polly-o string cheese.

Syracuse is widely considered the official collegiate sports school of New York State. It's gridiron alumni includes the likes of Jim Brown, Tom Coughlin, Marvin Harrison, Larry Csonka, Art Monk, Floyd Little, Dwight Freeney, and Donovan McNabb (this group is the filet of the football program).

We as Bills fans must embrace this Western New York connection as it promotes regional pride, community, and a new found perspective on the emotional significance of the two team's/ cities' relationship for many years to come.

Five year senior Ryan Nassib may be joining our ship of inspiration. Below are finely edited pieces of Nassib's game tape against strongly competitive programs.

Marrone may be bringing his groomed product into this hit-or-miss organizational investment of planting the direction of the franchise into the operation of Western New York influence.

I am excited for this change, I am excited for this era, and most importantly, I am excited to see Buffalo back in action as a winning team under the vision of passionately, professionally, and locally driven people.

I see good things for this era, be prepared all of you, things are about to get VERY interesting.


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