The New Era

Firstly, I love the appointment of Doug Marrone. I think he is definitely the right choice. Most importantly he wants to be in Buffalo. A closer look at his record, rather than the instant kneejerk reaction of some, shows some very promising aspects. There were of course others with very good records but you cannot look at their strengths without considering their weaknesses. For example Lovie Smith might be a great defensive coach but year after year Chicago put out some shocking offenses, an issue he could never resolve

IF Doug can get some very good coordinators and a Mike Vettine DC / Pete Carmichael jr combination would be perfect then I think we can have a great deal of confidence. Many think Carmichael might stay put in New Orleans but if he doesn't get a Head Coaching position, the opportunity to call his own plays as well as develop a new QB might be too enticing rather than remaining in Payton's shadow

As for the roster:

QB: I'd not be too unhappy about retaining Fitz for a year - Flynn got beaten out by Wilson after all and the whiff of one game wonder Rob Johnson hangs on him. Ruling out Geno Smith, one of Glennon, Barkley, Nassib, Bray or one of the juniors yet to declare would energise the fanbase even if they are not quite ready to start on opening day. All have strengths and weaknesses but Marrone has proven he can bring forward a young QB.

WR/TE: A new No2 WR may be needed ... if we draft Glennon he may be here already in TJ Graham, but if not there are Tyler Bray-Coradelle Patterson/Justin Hunter or Nassib-Alec Lemon combinations each have their individual attractivness. As for TE, I think a mid-round pick to give us a 2 TE threat would be wise.

RB: This will automatically improve simply by Spiller being used more frequently. However as Fred ages a Day3 pick on Marcus Lattimore placing him on PUP/IR would give us a first round talent for the future

OL: The elephant in the corner is Andy Levitre as well as the status of Urbik and Rinehart. If he cannot be resigned, then we may consider taking a lineman early. Would there be merit in drafting Justin Pugh and moving Glenn inside?

DL: Is Anderson going to be his effective 1 in 4 seasons or do we need a DE opposite Mario? Either of the Florida St guys not called Werner might be a good addition especially if Brandon Jenkins slides to Day3 due to his injury in his senior year.

LB: Can we upgrade the LB Corps in FA or do we need to use draft picks? T'eo had a shocker in the bowl game which may have dented his value but there seems a nice group of LB prospects available on Day2. However we need to go for guys who have versatility for both the 4-3 and 3-4 schemes

DB: Here we have both McKelvin and Byrd as Free Agents. And Byrd will be one of the hottest properties this offseason. I am concerned that we opened negotiations with him in November and still don't seem close to resigning him. If we can't we may need to spend a Day2 pick on someone like Robert Lester and as McGee ages, a corner like Amerson or Rhodes opposite Gilmore could have merit. It will bring height to our secondary, something we have lacked

ST: Lindell is getting older and the punter could also be upgraded as well.

For me the draft is very interesting this year and if we look at teams below us, only the Jets have an obvious QB need but will lose $17.1m against the cap if they cut Sanchez. The Cowboys are apparently about to their nail their colours to Romo with an extension. As the QB crop is not as well regarded as in previous years, would teams move up for one? However a number of teams between No33 and No40 could take a young QB for competition so we can't wait until Round2.

I think we need to take a QB in Round 1 but should trade down to do this. There are plenty of Defensive players and Offensive Line players that teams such as the Bengals, Cowboys, Rams etc could be inclined to move up to No8 for (Lewan, Matthews, Fisher, Mingo, Werner, Milliner etc) and we could get an extra R2 if not another Day2 or Day3 selection as well by dropping down and still get the guy Doug wants to be our QB of the future

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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