Morning Joe! 7 Days of Agony or Bliss; the Plight of a Buffalo Bills Fan

Good morning Bills Fans,

It's been awhile since my last Joe! I don't like posting during the season, it's just too much raw emotion and I tend to go on rants so I try to refrain from posting.

However, I wanted to share with you my experience of a typical game week. My wife finds it comical and a little bit crazy, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So here we go!

Sunday 6:00am est

It's game day. I couldn't sleep the night before, too many morning jitters. Recapping our game day strategy and determining if we have what it takes to get a win. No shower, no shave, no food, no nothing. Have to take Flutie (my dog) for his morning walk. It's a tradition we have; I speak to him about the game, but he never responds. He just nods and keeps walking.

I set my fantasy roster, I make sure I have no players conflicting with the Bills game. I watch ESPN pregame show and immediately turn away at 12pm eastern to the CBS pregame show, but it has to be the channel the game is coming on (Sunday ticket).

At 12:30 I get in the shower, and dry off with my Bills towel. I put my Bills socks on, my Zubaz's, and the same color jersey that the team is wearing on game day. It's 12:55, my stomach is in knots. JB (James Brown) "takes us to the field". I see the Ralph and the nerves turns to excitement; I'm pumped.

I turn the volume to 44 (my lucky number), I sit in the same seat in my man cave. I turn my phone off; no distractions. Flutie is dressed in his football gear and he's ready. We're about to kickoff; I hear our fans cheering OooooOooooOooooOoooo. I can't take it anymore, the anticipation is killing me, the kick is off.

I'm over analyzing everything; the formations, the play calls, everything. I'm screaming at the officials, at the players, I'm an emotional wreck. I'm constantly rewinding the previous play, and dissecting the formations and the play execution. It's commercial break (so many of them); I refuse to change the channel, check Rumblings, or check on my fantasy team. I might jinx my team; every things is going good why risk it?

My stomach is aching and my head hurts; I haven't eaten anything. I can't chance eating, what if we lose because I ate. I'm not changing anything. It's halftime; we're winning. Time for Flutie and I to talk a walk in the neighborhood. We have to strut our stuff. We're losing, uh oh it's looks like we're stuck in the house.

Sunday 4:30pm est


We lost. Damn Bills!! Same ole crap. Complete black out all day. No football, no ESPN, no fantasy, no rumblings, no sports. I hate it all, I don't want to see it or hear it. I finally eat, but the food sucks. My wife wants to talk to me about the game; "Baby what happen"? I don't want to talk about it, leave me alone. Border line depressed and here comes the beer, yuk! LaBatt Blue. I turn my phone back on, and all these a-holes I call my friends want to rub in the loss. Screw them too.


We won! Damn this might be our year. Everything is great. Flutie and I go out in the streets and take an extra long walk. All the other dog owners and their "bitches" loves Flutie. I tell him, see what happens when you're associated with a winner? Food is great, football is great, and my wife questions are a lot easier to deal with. I turn my phone back on and I become the a-hole friend; boasting and bragging. Rumblings is a lot easier to read; in fact I read through the hundreds of post from the game threads. Life is grand. Time to check out my fantasy roster, make some last minute roster changes, and watch the afternoon games. Damn this LaBatt Blue is the best tasting beer ever.



Damn I can't believe we lost. No WGR550 this morning. Howard Simon and Jeremy sounds so damn annoying, with their complaining and over analyzing. No twitter either. Tim Graham and Jerry Sullivan always seems to find a stat that make you throw up in your mouth. No matter where I turn, I have to be reminded about the damn loss I don't even want to go to work, because all of my co-workers want to talk about how bad my team look. Here in Baltimore, all of these damn Raven fans are all of sudden experts, because they're Super Bowl champs. Screw them. Rumblings is so much apart of my day, but I can't stomach to read the negativity and the criticism. So the black out continues. I'm mourning right now, this sucks!


WoooHoooo we won!! I can't wait to listen to WGR550, 6am can't come in any faster. But I have something to hold me over. Go to my Buffalo Bills app and pull up the post game interviews. Listen to what our coach have to say, listen to the players. See the tweets; that Tim Graham is not such a bad guy after all.

Sports radio ALL DAY LONG at work. I can't get enough of it. Rumblings is on fire, BG is on fire; player snap counts, analysis of the game. MW post the links, I read everything. Time to get out of here, have to re-watch yesterday's game when I get home. Monday night football anyone?



Super pissed still. But I really want to see the excuses these coaches and players have for the loss. So let me look at the post game interviews. Yet again, no real emotions. Just the "we have to get better" line. Still not satisfied with the responses from the team; screw them I'm not supporting anything. Damn Jairus Byrd. Still no Rumblings, no ESPN, no What the heck is wrong with me? I really need to get my priorities straight.


Man what a big win on Sunday. This team might be the real deal. Is the All-22 out yet? I have to do some analyzing. Time to bounce my ideas off of some of the experts on Rumblings. What you think Thor? How about you Poz?



You know what? I'm suffering from withdrawals, no sports for 2 1/2 days is really taking it's toll on me. I'm mad at the Bills, not the whole sports world. A little ESPN won't hurt me, would it? I'm still mad at the Bills though, but Rumblings is different. I can go on there and just look at a couple of articles, right? Plus I'm miserable and I'm sure my Rumblers are miserable too, maybe we can vent to one another, sort of like a support group. "Bills Anonymous" is open for business.

Ahhhhhh that felt good. Got some things off my chest, thanks Rumblers. One day at a time, right? Thanks Joe P. and Fernando for making me feeling better. Suteck, your positivity is exactly what I needed. Oh Poz, thanks for putting things in perspective for me.


(Conversation in my head)

How much are Bills tickets for this weeks game? Maybe I can rent an RV and make the 7 hour drive to Ralph Wilson stadium. Leave at 4 in the morning and get there just in time for the game; dang it I want to tailgate. I have to get there on Saturday instead. But what time am I going to get home on Sunday? Prepare for a 2 hour wait after the game to get out of the parking lot. Why bother, stay Sunday and just leave Monday. I guess I will have to call the boss, I'm not coming in on Monday. What the heck am I thinking? Calm down; it's just one game, but I want to witness history.



I'm "off the wagon". Routine has set in I guess. Sports radio, twitter, Rumblings, ESPN, Fantasy, sports is fun again. I promise not to get too excited. I have to keep things in perspective, it's just a game right? I have other important things going on with my life, Bills football is just one of them. You know what; I should go to church on Sunday.


I need a new Jersey. This EJ guy is looking pretty good, plus I always like the number 3. Geez, it would be nice to have season tickets. Maybe I can convince my wife that it's worth the investment. We will have to move to Buffalo and sale the house. I'm all for it.



Damn is Sunday here yet? I guess I can wait a couple more days. RV rental $250 a day, nah that's crazy. What's going on with Rumblings? Did BG post the game preview yet? Maybe Byrd really wants to stay here; I did see him cheering and clapping on the sideline. Things aren't that bad after all. We're a young team, with new pieces all over. In time we're going to be really good.

The Pirates made the playoffs, why can't we. This is our year, I can feel it. The footballs Gods have forgiving us for the Doug Flutie screw up.


Just one more day. At least I have college football. Coaches making millions, players can't get paid. This sounds like a great Morning Joe! post. Nah, its not Bills related maybe I can't write something about Byrd. Nah, that's been done a thousand different ways. What are these players up to? Time to check out twitter. Make some fantasy trades and additions.

Last day before the big game. Have to go to and check out all the videos and Bills Focus. Pull up the John Murphy shows from the week and listen to all the analysis. This Sal Capaccio guy is pretty funny too. I love Bills football.

Geez, I hope we win tomorrow. We really need this game. Please play well, my happiness depends on it. Ah shucks now I'm getting nervous.


Read above!

Seriously, this is the crap I go through. This is the reason why I love the off-season. The season is too much for me. I'm a insecure Bills fan. I know, I'm pathetic, and have seriously have an obsession. Maybe I need some help. Honestly, all I really need is a playoff berth.

Please tell me I'm not the only one. :-)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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