League Standings with Tie Breakers, after week 4

League Standings Name Wins Opponents Wins of Games Won Point Ratio
1 Saints 4 6 0.662576687116564
2 Seahawks 4 5 0.698717948717949
3 Patriots 4 5 0.60958904109589
4 Broncos 4 4 0.662962962962963
5 Chiefs 4 3 0.713286713286713
6 Dolphins 3 6 0.5
7 Titans 3 4 0.586826347305389
8 Lions 3 4 0.547085201793722
9 Colts 3 3 0.673076923076923
10 Bears 3 3 0.518672199170125
11 Texans 2 5 0.461538461538462
12 Ravens 2 4 0.51123595505618
13 Chargers 2 3 0.514285714285714
14 Bills 2 3 0.486187845303867
15 Cardinals 2 3 0.436708860759494
16 Browns 2 2 0.477611940298507
17 49ers 2 2 0.441340782122905
18 Jets 2 2 0.435897435897436
19 Cowboys 2 1 0.55026455026455
20 Bengals 2 1 0.5
21 Rams 1 2 0.363157894736842
22 Packers 1 1 0.521739130434783
23 Falcons 1 1 0.474747474747475
24 Redskins 1 1 0.448275862068966
25 Eagles 1 1 0.417721518987342
26 Panthers 1 0 0.653846153846154
27 Vikings 1 0 0.483193277310924
28 Raiders 1 0 0.438271604938272
29 Steelers 0 0 0.387640449438202
30 Buccaneers 0 0 0.385964912280702
31 Giants 0 0 0.294685990338164
32 Jaguars 0 0 0.19375

Coming out of the first week with Byes (Packers & Panthers), you might start noticing some weirdness for teams with Byes (compared to teams that have not had a bye, for instance the point ratio of the Panthers is a little wonky right now). Normally, you'd place the Packers and Panthers (1-2) above the other teams with 1 win (since they're 1-3), but I'm going to stick to my method for the time being to not complicate things on my end. Also, as the season wears on, the byes will all even out anyways.

Some other things you'll start to notice with more games having been played, a winner of a particular game between two teams with the same record can be below the loser of the game in the standings (Bills, having beat 2 teams with a combined 3-4 record, below the Ravens, having beat teams with a combined 4-4 record, who they just beat).

I think I might start splitting the Point Ratios out into Point Ratios in Games Lost (2nd tie break) and then Point Ratios in Games Won (3rd tie break). It seems intuitive that a team that "Loses a lot of close ones" is better than a team that's "Gets Blown Out." Further, while "Losing a close one" is certainly not better than "Blowing an opponent out", it's more indicative about how good your team is, where as "Blowing an opponent out" is more indicative of how bad the other team is.

Time for some observations:

The Jaguars are absolutely terrible. The Giants aren't far behind, but they've scored 61 points compared to 31 points. This puts the Jaguars on pace to score the least points in an NFL season since going to a 16 game season (the 1992 Seahawks had 140, divide by 4 and you're at 35).

The Chiefs are probably not as good as their record indicates. They've run up the score on both the Giants and Jaguars. Their wins come against mediocre teams (Cowboys, Eagles).

The Broncos are probably better than a lot of the other 4-0 teams, based on points they're putting up compared to opponent points. However, they've had an easier schedule in comparison thus far, we'll know for sure when they play the Patriots and Chiefs, twice, later in the season if this assumption (and the above about the Chiefs) is true.

The Dolphins appear to have had the toughest schedule thus far of any team, they're opponents have a combined 10-6 record.

The Cardinals, Bills, Chargers and Browns might surprise some people this year (all 4 picking up important wins this past week, but more importantly, each appears to have beaten at least 1 quality opponent so far). That said, I wouldn't count on more than 1 of them making the playoffs, but there's hope for each that they'll be in the hunt come December.

And Predictions:

The Titans fall apart. Still on their schedule: Chiefs, Colts twice, Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers. I could be wrong here, it's entirely possible they upset the suspect Chiefs, their Bye week seems favorable (in the middle of the season) and they get to play the Jags twice.

The Vikings make a run at a Wild Card spot, they have a couple easier games coming up after their Bye (Panthers, Giants) for confidence building before playing the Packers, Cowboys and Redskins (all NFC playoff potential teams).

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