What to do with the man named Byrd.....

Greeting Bills Mafia Members.

I was curious to see what the feelings are regarding Jarius Byrd.

Read this article this morning that got me thinking. Buffalo News

I've felt from the very beginning that the timing of his plantar fasciitis was odd. I don't doubt his injury, but this is way too sketchy.

I would love to keep Byrd.

If someone asked me - "Hey Moose, what safety in the NFL is better than Jarius Byrd (when healthy)" - then I would reply Earl Thomas, Kam Channcelor, Eric Weddle, Eric Berry...but it's not a sure thing. Byrd could very well be the best.

But I absolutely, positively love what the Bills are doing this season. I love the locker room. I love our defense. I love the aggressive nature of the defense, the blitzing, and making things exciting. Classic Buffalo. Our locker room is rocking and our fans are loving it. And we are doing this with late rounders, who are earning their play and rocking and rolling for us.

Bills defense is playing with out some very important players who are out w injuries AND other players are playing THROUGH THEIR INJURIES.

Wait did you know that Mario Williams has Plantar Fascitis? Oh wait didn't he have 4.5 sacks in a game? SWEET

Who else has been injured?

  1. Wk 1 EJ Manuel - knee. Off season surgery. Fought his way back. Has yet to miss a game. Leader.
  2. Wk 1 Stephon Gilmore (DB) - wrist - Still out
  3. Wk 1 Dustin Hopkins (K) - Right Groin - Still out
  4. Wk 1 Doug Legursky (OL) - Knee - Still out
  5. Wk 2 Ron Brooks (DB) - Foot
  6. Wk 2 Marquiees Goodwin (DB) - Hand
  7. Wk 3 Alex Carrington (DE) - Season IR
  8. Wk 4 Marcell Dareus DT (ankle) - Probable - Recorded 2 sacks
  9. Wk 4 Stevie Johnson WR (hamstring) - Probable - played wk 4, prob 5
  10. Wk 4 Leodis McKelvin (DB) - Hamstring - Second game missed
  11. Wk 4 Kraig Urbik (OL) - Knee - Played Game
  12. Wk 4 CJ Spiller (RB) - Quad/ankle - played game - fighting to play 5
  13. Wk 4 Kyle Williams (DT) - Achilles - Played Game
  14. Wk 4 Mario Williams (DE) - Ankle - Recorded Sack
  15. Wk 5 Fred Jackson (RB) - Knee - Played wk 4, hopefully 5
  16. Wk 5 Aaron Williams (DB) - Low Back - Is playing awesome

There are key players who on a weekly basis are playing through their injuries. CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams, Stevie Johnson, Mario Williams, and Aaron Williams. They have the heart. They have the spirit. They love their fans. They are FIGHTING through their injuries. For their team and their fans.
Why can't Jarius Byrd be one of those guys? What made him so self entitled?
I so badly want to keep Byrd. But I hate his attitude. I hate the way he is going about this entire business. He could be toxic for the team locker-room. Byrd and his agent are being arrogant pricks. Why can't they be reasonable?

QUESTION IS THIS? Do we move Byrd? Or do we play hard ball and keep playing this tag game.
Thoughts, concerns, ideas?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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