Q1 Report: The Next Four Games


The Bills are starting to head into the hardest part of their schedule with no bye week until the last week of November. We first have the delight of traveling to Cleveland for Thursday night football and then have a long weekend before playing Cincy at home. The next two are doozies first travelling to the upstart Phish followed by a trip to the Big Easy to face the undefeated Saints.

Currently the Bills offense has been competitive thanks to their run game, but need to do more with regards to their pass game. The Bills surprisingly are ranked lower in run defense than pass defense. However, hopefully the Bills can lower their run defense yardage allowed given the next four major rushers they will face while returning starters will improve the pass defense.

For your consideration of how the Bills stack up against their next opponents, here are some teams’ stats and their rank in the NFL at the end of Week 4 in the NFL




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

22.0 (21)

350.0 (16)

152.0 (2)

198.0 (28)

Cleveland Browns

16.0 (29)

323.8 (24)

76.0 (27)

247.8 (14)

Cincinnati Bengals

20.3 (22)

327.5 (22)

83.8 (22)

243.8 (15)

Miami Dolphins

22.8 (17)

322.3 (25)

81.5 (24)

240.8 (20)

New Orleans Saints

27.0 (8)

419.5 (4)

81.3 (25)

338.3 (2)




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

23.3 (18)

399.3 (27)

122.3 (27)

277.0 (22)

Cleveland Browns

17.5 (9)

291.5 (3)

79.0 (4)

212.5 (9)

Cincinnati Bengals

20.3 (10)

334.0 (13)

99.0 (12)

235.0 (13)

Miami Dolphins

22.8 (15)

395.3 (26)

98.5 (10)

296.8 (24)

New Orleans Saints

13.8 (5)

304.5 (6)

112.3 (22)

192.3 (5)

Week 5: Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns (2-2)

The Cleveland Browns have won their last 2 games with backup QB Brian Hoyer. The Browns have been doing well with the power combo of Hoyer and TE Jordan Cameron. Shut down these two players, the Browns offense may struggle (although Cameron will be the biggest hurdle to overcome of the duo). Their O-Line is fairly stout, but both guard positions are not as strong for them. The Browns "D" did a nice job shutting down the Bengals offense this past week and to date have been in the top half of run and pass defenses in the NFL so far. The Bills were able to pound their way through the Ravens stout run defense, but with their two feature backs banged up, it will not be an easy road in Cleveland this time around.

Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)

Dalton is showing some of limitations as a passer, but this team is still one of the best in AFC North. While Dalton has been off lately, the Bengals still have four top-tier receiving targets in TEs Gresham & Eifert and WRs Green & Sanu. Their running game has yet to click with rookie Giovani Bernard on the plus side. The Bengals defense on the other end still is quite competitive anchored by star DT Geno Atkins (poor LG Colin Brown cannot catch a break). While not as good as the Browns, they too have been dealing with some injuries.

Week 7: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (3-1)

The Dolphins, aka the Phish, got off to a fast start before losing to the Saints. QB Ryan Tannehill has been OK for them, but a lot of it has to do with players making the clutch plays when needed. The big threat lies in WR Brian Hartline as Mike Wallace and the Phish halfbacks haven’t been major factors (yet). The Dolphins run defense has excelled at bottling up the run given their excellent front 7 depth. Their pass defense has some holes to exploit, so hopefully E.J. can use this game to do some heavy damage. The Phish pass rush has not been as prolific as it has been, but keep an eye on Cameron Wake.

Week 8: Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints (4-0)

Sean Payton reunited with QB Drew Brees have been causing havoc for opposing defense so far this year. Brees, a top 5 (if not 3) QB, has the best passing game in NFC right now particularly with hooking up with TE Jimmy Graham. I cannot stress how imperative the Bills need to pressure Brees while shutting down Graham. The Saints don’t have much of a run game, but let’s face it; they don’t need one right now as their offense is that in sync. The Saints defense, improved as it is, struggles against the run, but have a top-notched pass defense to make up for it. (Oh and heads up, we will be at home next to face the undefeated Chiefs…)

Go Bills!

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