What do you like this weekend? Week 6

Another tough week both for my picks and our Bills. I went 3-2-0 (finally a winner...albeit not much of one). Let's review the picks:

BUF+4.5***: (L) This was gonna be a winner til Manuel gets hurt. Ugh. Am I the only one who just feels deflated right now?

KC@TEN OVER 39.5***: (W) Good ole Fitzy...thanks, buddy! Just good enough to put up some points and get 'em started, but just not good enough to win it!

CIN PK**: (W) Yes! New England loses on here. That defense in Cincy is out, Thad.

IND+3***: (W) I knew Seattle was ready for the let down. They are just not the same team on the road.

DEN-9** (L) Well Denver wasn't gonna blow them all out. Although I didn't expect Dallas to pick 'em apart, obviously.

So 3-2-0 last week puts me at 12-14-0 right now...closing that gap here, folks. Let's look for a some big wins this week to get back on the right side.

Week 6 Lines:


OAK@KC-8.5 O/U41

PHI@TB+1.5 O/U45.5

GB@BAL+3 O/U48

DET@CLE+2.5 O/U43.5

CAR@MIN-2.5 O/U44



CIN@BUF+6.5 O/U41

TEN@SEA-13 O/U40.5

JAX@DEN-26.5 O/U52.5

ARI@SF-10 O/U41

NO@NE-3 O/U50.5

WAS@DAL-5.5 O/U52

IND@SD+1.5 O/U50

My Week 6 Picks:

CHI-7***: The Giants are awful. They are coming off of a home loss against a division rival. While the Giants are 4-0 ATS in Chicago since 1992, they won't get it done here tonight. Look for a final score like 24-14 Chicago.

OAK+8.5**: KC is the much better team here, but I like Oak to at least hang with a division rival.

BAL+3****: I don't care if they did just squeak by the Fins. You don't make the defending SB Champions home dogs by 3 points. Look for a bit of a GB let down and the Balty upset.

HOU-7****: Embarrassed on the road last week, look for Houston to take out their frustrations back at home against the Rams in a big and painful way.

BUF+6.5*: I hate it, but I hate the total more. Thad could be good and hang points...stranger things have happened (see Brian Hoyer). While I hate everything about this game (including the fact that my wife bailed on me and I can't even GIVE my second season ticket away) I promised you fine rumblers to always make a play on the Bills game...there it is.

NO+3**: Gronk may be back, but Vince Wilfork isn't! Look for Brees and co. to stay in this one all day (and likely pull the upset victory).

DAL-5.5***: Dallas will take out the Denver loss on the Washington (racist names).

IND-1.5**: This is the perfect set-up for an Indy letdown...but they are just too good for it. They look great and I like them to pull the victory out. It may be a tough one, but it's only a point and a half.

There you have it, folks. I'm not touching that Jax@Den game with a ten foot poll. The obvious bet is Jax+26.5 as Manning will probably sit the 2nd half. However, it might be tough for Jacksonville to come back from a likely 40+ point deficit even if they're playing against 2nd teamers.

Big card this weekend. That's what I need to get out of this hole. What do y'all like?

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