What do you like this weekend? Week 5

Well it wasn't terrible. At least I went .500. Now that weeks 3 and 4 are done (tough weeks to bet) we can get on with making some serious coin. Big thanks to MParker and Buffalo for Eternity for a couple added plays that put some scratch in my pocket (the Thumbtacks and Who Dat Nation plays). That's what this is all about. I throw my plays out there to start a conversation. Often I find additional plays from comments and suggestions. Put your plays out there, Rumblers, make the case and let's all take home some cash!

Week 4 review:

SF-3.5***: (W) San Fran had to wake up at some point.

BAL@BUF OVER 44**: (L) Last weeks comments "I actually kind of like Buffalo to cover (more because I like the upset with Balty coming off of an emotional win with Ray the murderer Lewis in the house last week)." Why didn't I listen to myself!?!?!?!The refs (and Lee Smith) blew this one for me.

CIN-4.5******: (L) This was my biggest play of the season (my bookie can officially complete that kitchen remodeling project he's been saving up for now). Cleveland is bound to drop off (see week 5)

IND-9.5**: (W) The 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars are the worst team in the history of this fine sport. I mean, it's not even close. Week 6 early lines has them getting 29 points vs. Denver...insane.

ARI+2.5**: (W) Squeaker. Mike Glennon was not as bad as I thought he'd be. Tampa Bay is another dumpster fire though.

ATL-2.5***: (L) Tom Brady - I hate you so much. When you retire I will cry...tears of joy. I can't even go on about how much I hate you...all you do is cost me money you %@*(^%!!!!!!

3-3-0 on the week puts me at 9-12-0 on the season. I got this, friends! Not to worry...

Week 5 Lines: (by the way - this is early because I am going out of town tonight and will have spotty internet connection)

BUF@CLE-4.5 O/U40.5

KC@TEN+3 O/U39.5

BAL@MIA-3 O/U43.5

JAX@STL-12 O/U41.5



DET@GB-7 O/U55

NO@CHI+1 O/U49.5

PHI@NYG-2.5 O/U54.5

CAR@ARI+2.5 O/U42.5

DEN@DAL+9 O/U58.5

HOU@SF-7 O/U43

SD@OAK+5 O/U45.5

NYJ@ATL-10 O/U44

My Week 5 Picks:

BUF+4.5***: This line is moving towards Cleveland (originally opened at 3). Buffalo has not proven themselves on the road at all. However, I will hold strong with my opinion that Cleveland cannot be this good. I like Buffalo's defense to get some turnovers and keep 'em in this game...and ending with the outright win. Pettine has got to be all over this game.

KC@TEN OVER 39.5***: Not just because the number is low. But we know that Fitzy can sling it. I like this game to cover by halftime. I kinda like the Thumbtacks to cover (who doesn't love a good home dog). I'll play the safer bet and take the over.

CIN PK**: I like Cincy to finally knock off New England here coming back home after an embarrassing loss to Cleveland in the factory of sadness.

IND+3***: Seattle is simply not as good on the road. Indy may be coming off a thorough thrashing of Jacksonville, but I like them to pull the upset here and win in their home stadium.

DEN-9** I thought they would slow down by now. I realize that Peyton is out to crush every QB record ever held. I foolishly thought Philly would hang with them. I don't see Dallas hanging at all.

That's my card. What do y'all like this weekend?

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