Fun With Stats! The Good and The Bad Through 7 games.

As Buffalo is just about midway through the season, I thought I'd take a statistical look at the good and bad of the 2013 Buffalo Bills


The Good: The Bills currently lead the AFC East in scoring. Suck on that Tom.

The Bad: The Bills have the 30th ranked passing offense. Just 1 yard per game higher than SF and Oakland.


The Good: Injuries have been a major bummer, but late pre-season addition Thad "to the bone" Lewis has looked as good, if not better, than a long, sad list of former Bills QBs over the years. If his stats (Small sample, I know) were to carry through a 16 game season, they'd look like this:

Thad Lewis: 320-512 (62.5%) for 3344 yards, 2:1 TD:INT ratio.

Or... The equivalent of 2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick: 306-505 (60.5%) for 3400 yards 1.5:1 TD:INT ratio. Not bad for Kevin Kolb, EJ Manuel, Jeff Tuel, Thad Lewis.

The Bad: Buffalo's QBs are getting sacked. A lot. They're on pace to get sacked 55(!) times this season. That number would have led the league 2 of the past 4 years. Only the 2012 Cardinals (58) and 2010 Bears (56) were sacked more.


The Good: This season, Buffalo is 3rd in the league in rushing, and on pace to carry the ball 548 times for 2246 yards. That would be the most yards gained on the ground since the Bills 1992 season with Thurman Thomas (1487 yards) and Kenneth Davis (613) leading the way.

The Bad: Through 7 games, CJ Spiller has been too banged up to be the same player he was a year ago. After catching 43 passes for 459 yards in 2012 (10.7 ypc), Spiller is on pace for just 32 catches for 82 yards in 2013 (2.6 ypc)


The Good: Spreading the Love. The Bills are on pace to have 5 players record over 400 receiving yards this season (Stevie, Freddy, Woods, Graham and Chandler). That would be the first time that's happened in Buffalo since a guy named Jim Kelly was slingin the ball to Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Don Beebe, James Lofton and Keith McKeller.

The Bad: Stevie is on pace to have his lowest yardage total (on pace: 720) since his sophomore season in the league (2 catches 10 yards).


The Good: The Bills currently rank 4th in the NFL in sacks (23) and 1st in INTs (12)

The Bad: The Bills have given up 17 first downs due to penalties. 29th in the NFL.


The Good: Marcel Dareus is currently 3rd in the NFL in sacks (4) by a defensive tackle, and 1st in tackles (34). Kyle is second in the NFL with 29 tackles.

The Bad: I know it can't all be attributed to the DTs, but it starts there, and Buffalo in 28th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game (123.6). The silver lining is that this is actually better than last season.


The Good: Mario Williams. The End. But to elaborate, he currently has 10 sacks (tied for 2nd in the NFL) and is on pace for 22.8 sacks.. which would be the NFL single season record.

The Bad: Running around the left end has been too easy. According to Footballoutsiders, the Bills rank 31st in the NFL when teams are running away from Mario Williams


The Good: Kiko has cooled down with the INTs, but he's still racking up tackles at a very high clip. He currently has 70 tackles, which puts him on pace for 160 tackles for the year... 14 shy of Patrick Willis' rookie record. He's also on pace to set the LB record (on pace: 9.1) for INTs in a season, set by Don Shinnick in 1959 with 7.

The Bad: Every time I try to write something bad here, it gets intercepted by an IP Address that I've been able to track back to Kiko Alonso. TheLegendOfKikoAlonso.


The Good: The Bills lead the NFL with 12 INTs (Kiko: 4. Williams and Leonard: 3 each. Robey and Rogers: 1 each).

The Bad: Buffalo also currently leads the NFL in passing touchdowns allowed with 15, again, tied with those Jacksonville Jaguars.

Special Teams

The Good: How about that Dan Carpenter? He has hit as many 50+ yard field goals (3) in 7 games this year as former Buffalo Bills Rian Lindell hit in the past 3 season combined.

The Bad: Punting. The Bills, who have punted more than any other team in the NFL, currently rank 28th in net punting, and rank 28th in average return yards. And pinning teams deep has been an issue. They rank 22nd in punts being downed inside the 20 yard line (22%), and 24th in touch back percentage (12%).

Hope you enjoyed that long list of probably irrelevant stats! Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

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