What do you like this weekend? Week 8

Another week in the books and another losing week for me. 3-4-0 on a bad weekend of ball...ugh. As I've said a few times now - time to make it back this week. Luckily for my psyche, the Bills pulled off the impressive win to make me feel a little better. Let's recap:

SEA-4.5*** (W) They almost allowed a garbage time Arizona cover...but held for the win. By all rights, Arizona should have been completely blown out of this game...but Seattle seemed destined to allow them back in it.

NE@NYJ UNDER 43** (L) I hate the Jets. All they do is cost me money...I hate them.

KC-6***(L). This is complete and total BS. They got a First and Goal from the one yard line....and they sit on it! I know, I need to risk the injury or fumble, or the chance that Houston could have gone back down field with the time...but c'mon!

BUF@MIA OVER 43*** (W) Just covered is still covered! Great game.

CHI** (L) Another great game...too bad I was on the wrong side.

DEN-6.5**** (L) Peyton hasn't looked that bad in a really long time!

DAL+2.5: (W) This one was int he comments, but I'm counting it as I need the win to make my record a little less despicable.

18-22-1...lousy record. Plenty of time left this season to cash in.

Week 8 lines:

CAR@TB+7 O/U40

SF@JAX+16 O/U40


NYG@PHI-4.5 O/U51

CLE@KC-8 O/U39.5

BUF@NO-10.5 O/U48.5

MIA@NE-6 O/U45

NYJ@CIN-6 O/U41.5


WAS@DEN-11.5 O/U57.5

ATL@ARI-2.5 O/U45.5

GB@MIN+8 O/U47.5

SEA@STL+11 O/U43

My Week 8 Picks:

CAR-7***: All day baby...all day. Tampa Bay gets rolled tonight against a really good defense without it's most important offensive weapon (Doug Martin is out). Look for Cam and black cats to win by double digits.

DAL+3**: I like Dallas in this spot. Back-to-back road games aren't ideal, but Dallas can hang points. I think this comes down to a final possession and I like the Boys' chances to keep it within a field goal.

KC-8**: I just don't see how Jason Campbell strikes fear in KC's defense. Cleveland gets rolled here.

BUF+10.5***: This is just too many points to give the team playing with the hot hand. Sometimes coming off the bye works against teams (although its rare as these are professionals). Buffalo isn't likely to win this game...but they're gonna fight like hell as the whole world is counting them out of this one. With a couple turnovers, or some good calls, they may even pull off the upset.

OAK+2****: East coast team traveling out west after a tough divisional game. Raiders coming off the bye at home. I'll take the home dog in this one.

It's a small card...but that's what I got. What do y'all like?

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