Trying to Find Valid Comparisons

Man. What an entertaining season so far. I am a die hard fan who is trying not get too high or too low on this team depending how they perform on Sundays. However, that has not happened just yet. I still get wrapped up whether they win or lose. When they win, I begin daydreaming the night they will hold up the Lombardi Trophy; and when they lose all I can imagine is a windfall down to the likes of the Jags and (currently) the Texans. But, by Tuesday or so, I eventually temper my expectations and attempt to see them for what they are. I try to not view them wearing rose-colored or poop-smeared glasses. They are a team trying (earnestly) to find their identity and succeeding against some expert analysts' perspectives. For me, the way that I have tried to understand their place in their progression (notice that I said PROgression, not REgression) is how they compare to past performances taking stats out of the equation.

1. Most of the Bills' wins during Gailey's tenure were against sub-.500 teams. So far, this staff has beaten all good teams (Ravens, Carolina, and the Phins). These teams all have a respectable record at this point of the season. In the past most games that were won were usually against bottom feeders.

2. Marrone pushed his team to a win on the road against a good division opponent. Haven't seen that in a long time.

3. They have been competitive no matter the adversary. Win or lose, they never give up. The teams of the past would usually snowball when the game's momentum would shift.

4. This staff appears as if they are getting the best out of their supposed premier players, with one exception: Spiller. (Although, I think CJ's problem is probably due to the loss of close family members and his ankle injury). Dareus, Williams (both Aaron and Mario), and McKelvin are have played more consistent.

5. Finally, when a starter goes down, there is competent personnel who do a good job of picking up the slack. Even with their stars out of the lineup, they still look competitive.

In conclusion, this team still has tons of room to improve. In no way are they on the same level of Seattle or NE. However, I have finally seen true signs of shedding the losing culture mentality. Does this mean that progression will continue? I have no idea. But, it sure is fun again to watch them.

What do you peeps think? Am I off my rocker or on point?

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