3-5 to 9-7 (at least)

I was surprised and excited when I got to looking at the second half of the Bills Schedule. I think it's within the realm of possibility to go 6-2 in the second half. Unfortunately, the AFC is too good, I still think 9-7 leaves us on the outside looking in. Denver, KC, Indy, Cincy, are all going to be in the playoffs as is the AFC East winner, which will probably be NE. That leaves one spot for Baltimore, Miami, et al to fight for. It could happen, but I think it takes 10 wins. That being said the biggest reasons for optimism is that we get people healthy, still have a bye week, and our rookies are getting better. But here's the schedule - and a reason that we can win EACH game.

vs. KC - KC is undefeated, yes, but they have been playing terrible the last two games. Give them credit for winning these games but they are coming to Buffalo and I believe we are a better team than the current versions of Cleveland or Houston. Our defense can pressure the Chefs...

@ Pittsburgh - This is a true test, because it's a road game and Pittsburgh has been improving a little. The Steelers are old and out-of-sorts and I think we can win this game because CJ should be healthier and the Steelers have a poor running attack.

vs. Jets - The earlier game against the Jets was easily our ugliest of the year but now they are coming to Buffalo. I'm sure we'll make them look like world-beaters but I think our D can get it done against their offense. Our offense will struggle but if we can get the running game going, we can definitely win this game.

vs. Atlanta - Ugh. This game is in Toronto but the Falcons are a mess and with Jones out and again, no running game to speak of. I think this game can be won because we may have EJ back after the bye week (wishful thinking).

@TB - Another team that is really struggling, maybe they've given up by this point. I think our offense (barring any further injuries) is going to be humming by this point and the defense is good enough to keep this offense in check.

@Jacksonville - Basically a carbon copy of the TB game

vs. Miami - The Dolphins come into the Ralph and it snows, hopefully a lot. We already beat the Dolphins in Miami so this should be easy. (yeah, right). We can definitely win this game.

@ New England - Well, this one could be tough. I don't see us winning this game but if the Pats have things locked up or the football bounces our way, you never know. Right now, the Pats are not playing that well but it's a long way off.

I see us as at least 5-3 in the second half. A little luck and we get to 6-2.

What do you think?

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