Q2 Report: Grades


The Bills stand at 3-5, having lost a few close games. Injuries on the offensive side of the ball have proven most detrimental at this time and have affected how well the Bills have played. But before I get into the grades, I figured that we ought to see how the Bills have stacked up since the start of the season.




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

22.0 (21)

350.0 (16)

152.0 (2)

198.0 (28)

Buffalo Bills

22.0 (19)

329.0 (19)

133.9 (7)

195.1 (30)




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

23.3 (18)

399.3 (27)

122.3 (27)

277.0 (22)

Buffalo Bills

26.6 (25)


117.8 (26)

263.4 (24)

Injuries to both Spiller and Jackson have slowed down the run game significantly, although the Bills are still a top-ten run team. Meanwhile, Thad Lewis has surprisingly not really weakened the pass game though. Thad’s problem lies in costly turnovers. That’s why despite improved run and pass defense, the Bills "D" has been giving up more points lately. And with a healthier defense too, these stats should stand to improve as well.


Passing Game: C-

Thad Lewis has been surprisingly adequate as the Bills (back-up) QB having a QB rating of 80.2. He has made some big throws, but has lacked consistency. It didn’t help that Stevie Johnson has been playing injured for the past few games, but still has caught 15 balls for 152 yards and a score. Rookie Robert Woods has been ignored with 11 catches for 104 yards in that same timeframe. Speedsters Graham and Goodwin have made their presence known, but like Woods, lack consistent targets. TE Chandler has been the go to guy hauling in 15 passes for 186 yards and a TD.

Running Game: B-

Injuries have beset the Bills run game during this latest span. Credit Fred Jackson for all that he has done despite multiple injuries. While his stats are not that pretty, 53 carries for 169 yards (3.2 avg), he has gotten a few big runs and 4 TDs in the last 4 games. Meanwhile Spiller has been also hobbled, but has played even less. Hopefully his week off did some good though! Choice and even Summers have looked decent in recent weeks, but have had a limited role despite injuries here.

Blocking: D+

Part of the blame for Thad Lewis being attacked constantly lies with Thad for holding onto the ball too much. However, we have seen multiple missed blocks by the O-Line as well as TE Scott Chandler getting mismatched against a pass rusher.

Run Defense: C+

The Bills still are susceptible to give up a big run or two, but have been shoring up the middle at least more consistently. Dareus and Williams have been on a tear recording 19 and 24 tackles respectively over the last four games. Kiko Alonso still can overrun the play, but has had 49 tackles in the last 4 games including a 22 tackle performance against the Bengals.

Pass Defense: C-

This grade could have been a B except for Drew Brees sharpshooting 5 TDs last week. Part of it was players still working their way back into the lineup. Gilmore is slowly getting back to form (now club-less thank goodness) while Byrd has provided better safety coverage. Nickell Robey has been a decent nickel-back with 8 pass breakups and a pick six to date. Jerry Hughes struggled replacing Manny Lawson in coverage. Big tests against Big Ben, Matt Ryan and round 2 for Geno will test how healed/able our secondary is.

Pass Rush: A+

Bruce Smith recently stated that this Bills defensive line is the best ever in franchise history and has the facts to back it up. Mario Williams continues to break Smith’s team record of 19 sacks having 11 of his own so far this year (2nd in the league) and 5.5 within the last 4 games including two biggies against the Phish. Meanwhile, Dareus and Kyle Williams both have 4 sacks (both set to break their previous sack highs) and have making several plays up the middle over the last four games. [Kyle incidentally has had 3 sacks in the last 4 games.] Jerry Hughes has been creating some extra pass rush as well.

Special Teams: B-

Thanks to a horrible performance by P Shawn Powell, the Bills cut him and replaced him with fan-favorite Brian Moorman. In the last 3 games Moorman has punted 15 times (3 inside 20) for a 46.6 yard avg and a net of 43.6 net avg. K Dan Carpenter continues to be quite reliable having made 16 of 18 field goals now. No big returns for Goodwin or McKelvin. The Bills still seem prone to give up a big return in a game particularly against Cleveland which keeps this grade down.

Coaching: C+

Injuries again have been costly for the Bills, mostly on offense this time around. Doug Marrone and his staff have kept most of the games close so far and while they have a losing record, they do show improvement. Marrone himself admits he is still learning (particularly with challenges). Hackett’s offense took a small step back with a practice squad QB and hurt star players. Pettite’s defense has been a lot better and as long as they can stop giving up the deep ball, will do a lot better as a whole.

Go Bills!

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