GOODBYE FROM A 25 Year BUFFALO BILLS FAN................

Well I know there have been Bills fans since before I was born (1979) and I have been a major fan of the Bills since I was 9 years old (1988) but I have watched from 1989-1999 and seen alot of Great Buffalo Bills football, but since that point, what have we as fans seen….way too much negative BS from a team who says they are RECHARGED or turning the corner, it seems that every 3 years, Buffalo is looking for the next Marv Levy, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker, (Biscuit) Bennet, Shane Conlan, ect…ect….ect!!!! Listen man, I am not trying to attack you in any way, shape or form and I will probably get alot of negative comments for this but oh well, I am gonna be just like Fireman ED from the Jets this time and give up on this team, as of last night…..I have officially STOPPED DRINKING THE BUFFALO BILLS KOOL-AID!! I have spent way too much money in my life, supporting the Bills to see this team season after season slowly go down hill!!

I can’t and won’t be laughed at anymore for trying to BILLEVE in a Lost cause!! The Bills have shown bright spots since the Super Bowl years but nothing even close to becoming great again!! You can all call me a loser or hate me for this comment I am posting, hell even tell me SO LONG, BYE, or STOP TROLLING THIS SITE….Oh well, Glad to hear that from you as Bills fans now!! BUFFALO will never be good again, until they move to another City!!

Year after year, I have seen how us as Bills fans try to say things like: It was a forward lateral, or wow, we will be better/we will get them next year…..even as far as lying to ourselves by trying to blame refs for bad calls. If Buffalo were any good, they would have some how pulled the extra 3 points out of there butts in close games to win, instead of constantly losing but 1 point!! The fact that people only come to Buffalo in the offseason is if they are bribed by huge contracts or by being forced to play here by being drafted, or only realize they are at the end of their careers and get on last decent payday contract…..Great players don’t come here to win Championships anymore!!

I am Sorry BUFFALO BILLS fans but I can’t deal with this any longer, kinda like having someone stab you in the back and twisting the knife blade all around….I have bled out all my Red, White and Blue Buffalo Blood!! I wish things were different and wish that us as fans could have much more positive fanposts to be happy about, but after 14 years of wishing…..same exact thing this year!! Did the Buffalo fans know that only 21% of 2-3 teams end up in the playoffs, and that 51% of 3-2 make it? I have seen how Buffalo can do good in a 2-3 game stretch, show positive outcomes only to be blown out or beat by a team that shouldn’t even be considered the winner by any means….how many seasons do you as fans have to watch games in November and see as the Bills get eliminated from the playoffs?

I guess there is nothing left for me to say, as of last night, I have given up on the Buffalo Bills, and even given up on NFL football all together!! Say any nasty thing about me you want….tell me GOOD BYE!!! It really doesn’t matter to me, I guess I will just be a NHL hockey fan (Go Pittsburgh) and start liking other sports like MMA, X-games and the NBA (Go Chicago)!!

I wish you all as BUFFALO BILLS fans luck in the future and hope that Buffalo can turn themselves around, but after all that hope over the last 14 years, I haven’t seen it, and don’t think it will happen!! I have paid hundreds of dollars to watch 8 games at Ralph Wilson stadium, and guess what my record at those games are…..Yes 0-8!!

Bye fans, good luck and don’t hate me too much for being real and telling it like it is!! It has been a fun and depressing ride as a Bills fan but my time on this roller coaster, at this Carnival has ended and all I can seem to do is Puke!!

I will be selling all of my Buffalo Bills memorabilia, and will be moving out of the Buffalo area, outta NY state to salvage any part of my life left that being a Bills fan for this length of time has cost me!!

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