The Hackett Report

So, while reading Fanpost comparing E.J.'s stats though Week 4 with other recent rookie quarterbacks, there was a comment requesting similar info for Hackett. While grading an offensive coordinator based on offensive stats can be difficult for various reasons (talent between teams vary, the head coach play a role, injuries, defensive/ST points, etc) without further ado here are the offensive stats of five "big name" O.C.'s over the first five games of their first OC gig.

Gruden and Payton were chosen because their names were mentioned specifically during the E.J. thread, and Roman and McDaniel were rated as the top two OC's in a coordinator ranking I stumbled upon. All stats courtesy All stats are averages, computed from box scores of the first five games of their respective season.

Sean Payton, 2000 New York Giants

Record: 3-2, Total YPG: 333, Passing YPG: 197, Rushing YPG: 135, TO's PG: 1.6, Points PG:17.6

John Gruden, 1995 Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 2-3, Total YPG: 293, Passing YPG: 157, Rushing YPG: 135, TO's PG: 2.2, Points PG:18

Greg Roman, 2011 San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-4, Total YPG: 300, Passing YPG: 193, Rushing YPG: 117, TO's PG: 0.8, Points PG:28.4

Josh McDaniels, 2006 New England Patriots

Record: 4-1, Total YPG: 336, Passing YPG: 197, Rushing YPG: 139, TO's PG: 1.6, Points PG:21.6

Nathaniel Hackett, 2013 Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-3, Total YPG: 348, Passing YPG: 196, Rushing YPG: 152, TO's PG: 1.6, Points PG:22.4

So what does all this mean? Well, not only are the Bills offensive stats under Hackett comparable to some of the top offensive minds in the league thought their first five games, in every category Hackett's offense ranks as above average. Hackett is getting the most yards per game, and most rushing YPG out of these five. He is also getting second most points per game (and 2011 SF had a bunch of special teams points in the beginning of the season thanks to Ted Ginn Jr.) and is a single passing yard behind the leaders.

The biggest shocker for me was McDaniels. Here is a guy promoted from within the organization, so he was familiar with the system and the players, and blessed with a HOF quarterback, and he puts up identical stats to Hackett's, only Hackett has a rookie starting a quarterback.

So what do you guys think, does this comparison mean its time to lay off Hackett, or am I missing something?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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