I very rarely do this, but, I think it is time to read about Byrd's Condition

I know the "unspoken rules" one being don't publish 2 things in the same week.

So, I must consider this pretty important.

I have plantar fasciitis. But, it is the story of how i found out that is important.

A bit of back story. For years, even before I was hurt, I had issues with my feet. For random periods of time, the middle of the foot would hurt. Sometimes, all the way up to my ankle. At times, it was brutal. I actually thought my ankle exploded one time. And this would occur in both feet. But, it wasn't constant or anything like that. It really was totally random.

Then, a few years back, I was diagnosed with Diabetes, which means that you should get checked out by a Podiatrist or a foot doctor. The day I went, my feet felt pretty good. I got up on the table. First thing he said to me was

"I bet this hurts you at times really bad". He pressed on a spot and I let out a yell and almost jumped off the table. He said you have plantar fasciitis in both feet. He didn't need to run any tests, didn't need to look under a magnifier or microscope, just with his bare eyes, he diagnosed it.

Why is this important? This is an condition that is a life long battle, but, it is also one that really can't be faked. Is it frustrating that Byrd has missed so many games, yes. DO I think that he perhaps might have toughed it out? Maybe. But, we aren't him. Again, let me say, I walked in when my feet were fine, just acting up a little, and the Dr noticed it. Byrd can't fake it. As long as it is swollen, the doctor can see it. I don't know all the laws, but, I am pretty sure if Parker told Byrd to lie about it, the doctor would know instantly (no swelling) and that is at the very least Tampering, which is still a giant no-no in the NFL. I really don't think Byrd or Parker would risk a federal investigation on Tampering charges.

And yes, if you do your exercises and take the meds, the swelling does go down. Again, I don't see how you can fake this. This isn't like "my back hurts" and it could be a zillion different things. This is a simple:

1. Look at foot. is foot swollen. Yes.

2. You have it. It really is that simple.

I really don't expect Byrd to suffer any set backs either. Why you ask? He has to earn a new contract. I really don't think he wanted to be off. Not this long. The entire league has seen that he can't play through this. Tell me that a team might not want to enter into the bidding for him due to this? It can pop up anytime, and every team knows this. He is playing for a contract next year.

Lastly, did it ever occur to anyone that the reason it got worse is b/c he was off for so long? Exercise and stretching is the best thing for it. Sitting home was the worse thing for it. I think the lack of activity was more responsible for it then his desire for a new contract.

I have it, and it sucks when it acts up. I have no clue if my case is worse, better, the same, nor do I care if Byrd or me is worse. But, I do believe it would be almost impossible to lie. If my run of the mill foot doctor can easily see it, how would an expert react? These guys see experts. He isn't gonna fake out an expert.

Hate Byrd for being a scumbag about this contract (take it or leave it stance), but, hate him for the right reasons.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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