Value Assesment with our Team

This is direct response to Byrd post along with the mindset that we are still competitive on our division with the Pats, and Dolphins losing this past week and the hope that the Jets also lose. I want to start by staying I have no problem with the team being open to taking any trade for any player as long as value is taken into consideration.

When it comes to Byrd open to trade situation, I agree with the trade IF:

  • At the end of the day Byrd is a pro bowl talent and difference maker on the field. We should make a trade that gives us the best chance to select a future Pro Bowler...a la the Jason Peters trade. We were able to get 3 picks. One of which turned out to be Eric Wood who talent wise is in Pro Bowl Range. Not that I am saying we can get 3 picks for Byrd but that goal should be to gain talent on that level...not just a now situation like a back-up qb.Unlike Donte Whitner situation which was different because he was free agent and he also was a distraction off the field/didn't have pro bowl stats or impact on the field.
  • If Byrd becomes a distraction and vocally wants out of Buffalo.
  • Byrd or his agent criticizes Marrone's decision to hold him out of the Browns game.
  • Whatever is brought to Buffalo somehow cuts down on the Big Plays given up by the defensive secondary and allows our already respectable pass rush reach its full potential.
  • Is significantly better than Searcy and Leonhard in coverage.

I Disagree with the Trade of Byrd if it is made due to Franchise:

  • In a panic about our backup QB situation
  • Think Byrd is "faking" or perhaps milking his foot injury/condition. I for one do not speculate or think Byrd is doing this at all. Luckily this has been a notion mainly carried by Spiteful fans.
  • Does improve our talent or potential talent on our football team.

On a personal level I believe:

  • I don't think it is possible to get equal or fair value for Byrd due to the value he brings to our defense. We are not a team that is relying on our QB to win games like a Broncos, Saints or Patriots team which is led by proven commodities. Manuel we knew before the season we were going to have to survive his mistakes and rookie errors. This includes this recent injury. That weight is placed on our defense/ creating turnovers. With our offense merely managing the game.
  • The Bills still have more leverage in the situation. Many want the Bills to pull the trigger on a trade before the 3 week trade deadline because they are antsy and want the distraction gone. I personally don't think it is a distraction nor do I think holding out Byrd last game was a conspiracy on part of Marrone.
  • He has made no statements saying he doesn't want to play in Buffalo or wont give it his all on Sunday. It is an uncomfortable situation but not an unmanageable situation. If you trade Byrd you do it in the off-season period. Many say get something now as opposed to nothing next year. Last I checked we can still Franchise tag him. Why give in?
  • Does not compare to Browns Trade with Richardson which was smart because they got a 1st for an asset they weren't capitalizing on since they hardly run the ball and their deep pass game wins or loses them the game.
  • With our Pass Rush and Mario Williams being as successful as they have been with the current Secondary as a Fan how could you not want to see a complete Secondary with Byrd in there to see the potential of our Defense?
  • Dislike even the idea of the Giants Nassib and a pick trade. I mean Nassib as our back up qb when he is 3rd string for the Giants is ridiculous. Everyone talks about the 3 years in our system that still doesn't make up for the lack of talent/experience against NFL level defenses. Tuel has more success with the latter when it comes to pre-season performance. ( i think he will be fine with the reps)

We lost last game because our Defense didn't get a Turnover and our Special Teams let us down by giving up a score and giving the Browns amazing field position, while not putting us in position to score. We addressed special teams by cutting Powell. Which I applaud the team for doing immediately. We are still in this thing!!

Feel free to rip my thoughts apart or leave your own perspective on the situation/news.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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