Thad meet Alex

So, the sky has fallen, Loki has ripped our hearts out and Thor is having lunch with Jane Foster instead of helping us. Typical man.

Oh wait, it might not be that bad upon second glance.

Thad Lewis is our QB now for up to the next 8 weeks while EJ recovers from a hard hit to his knee. And the Bills enter the hardest section of their season (like facing NE, Jets, Balt, Cle and Car weren't tough right :)) and our QB of the future is out. How can Thad possibly lead us to victory?

Thad, meet Alex- Alex Smith. I am a believer in KC. They have always had a good D, good skilled players, and a below average QB. We have seen Alex Smith go from bust to a capable QB. He is this generations' Drew Brees. I am NOT saying he is as good or will be as good as Brees, but, I am saying that he has resurrected his career and believe he will be a starting QB for years to come. And how does Alex Smith do it? By being smart. He plays within himself and knows what he can and can't do. He is willing to take 20 five yard plays to score a TD if that is what it takes. He has the patience of an angel (not the weeping angels though, they are bad). He not only manages the game, but, when he sees the opening, he takes it. He is more then capable of making 2 or 3 plays a game that a top tier QB can make.

Which brings us to Thad. He is young, however, from what I have read, last year, he played a solid game, going 22 of 32 with a TD and INT and the INT was a great play by Mr head and shoulders himself TP. Also, I read while Thad was in college, he was very much like Smith in that he'd take what the D gave him and wait for his opening. He is a gunslinger, but, not careless like Farve or Fitzpatrick. He's more like Alex Smith in his mentality.

Our Bills have good skill players (Fred, CJ, Stevie, Woods, even Chandler), decent OL, and a D that was decent up front and is now getting healthier. Lets also be honest, EJ wasn't setting the world on fire like Luck, RG3 or even Wilson did last year. He was playing more the role of a QB manager. So, I really don't see why Thad can't do the same, with similar results, just enough passing to keep the D honest.

Really, the way I see it, this is on coaching. This is where they make their cash. A good dose of draws, sweeps, delays, screen passes, misdirection etc. All these are important plays that need to be done correctly so that Thad and the O can have as good a chance to win as they would have with EJ.

Lastly, we really don't know who did what during the practices. We don't know if Thad worked with the 2's and Tuel worked with the D or vise versa. So, for all we know, Thad is more up to speed then we all realize. What other choice do we have other then to bill-eve?



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