David Nelson

From the New York ComPost:

David Nelson has ‘unfinished business’ in Buffalo

Nelson spent his first three NFL seasons in Buffalo thinking he was building a long-term relationship with the team and the community. He was a productive player, catching 92 passes and scoring eight touchdowns in his first two seasons before tearing the ACL in his right knee in the 2012 season opener against the Jets.

He rehabbed for the rest of 2012, and when it came time for the Bills to tender him a restricted free agent offer to remain with the organization, they opted not to. Nelson was at a Chicago Blackhawks game last Feb. 24 when he found out via a Twitter message from a reporter the Bills were not going to tender him an offer.

Understandably, that did not sit well.

"Because of the way it ended … it’s still kind of a little difficult for me to swallow," Nelson said.

Nelson, a native Texan who lives in Dallas, this week has been wearing the uniform jersey of Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya — which he bought at the game that day the Bills divorced him.

"There was symbolism there, absolutely," Nelson said Friday. "I’ve been carrying that around with me all week … and the background of my phone is the tweet that I got that day. I don’t want to forget what that feeling was like that day so it continues to inspire and motivate me to put it on the field Sunday."

To his credit, Nelson did not fall back on the "it’s-just-another-game" lip service that so many players try to sell you when they are going against a former team.

"Anybody who tells you when they play an old team or a team that cut them or something like that, ‘it’s just another game’ is lying to you," Nelson said. "This is definitely more than just another game for me."


Nelson said the insulting way it ended in Buffalo left him with a feeling of there being "unfinished business" there.

"My first couple of years there, I felt like I was building something special," he said. "I felt like it was going to be my home long-term and I was hoping to make a career there. I never really got that sense of closure."

If all goes according to plan, that closure could come Sunday in Buffalo.

Nelson's stat line for the game: 1 reception, 12 yards. That how you handle "unfinished business", David?

And BTW, this is coming from someone who was as surprised as Nelson was when the Bills opted not to retain him: I once stated that Nelson had all the qualities you want in a #2WR -- great size, hands, blocking ability -- and statistically finished second on the team to Stevie in 2011 (61 catches), as befits a #2.

The only quality he didn't/doesn't have is speed; something his replacements (Graham and Goodwin) have in abundance (and was on display in the game.)

That said -- David, you were also cut by the Browns . . . do you have "unfinished business" with them, too?


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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