Why we should be optimistic for the last 5 games

This post will be shorter. I have done a lot of reading and wanted to point out some things that I have noticed:

1. J2 said it best: This team has more talent on it b/c fans of other teams can't decide who they would like on their teams, and that is a great tribute to the front office. Well done guys. We have a solid core here with Mario, Dareus, Kyle, Kiko. Lawson, Hughes, Gilmore, Leo, Robey, Byrd, (how about Aaron Williams' on the list for the pro bowl, who saw that coming?), Carpenter, Glenn, Wood, Goodwin, Stevie, Woods, Thad and EJ. That is some good talent there. And hopefully, it will only get better as they get more experience and we sign more guys.

2. How about the job that Pettine has done. This D is starting to look elite. That bodes well for our young QB. Having a great D to fal back on is a great feeling, just ask Wilson in Seattle.

3. This season has been one tough season for this team especially due to injuries. Add in all the good teams we have played and I bet that some publications had us sitting at only 1 or 2 wins thus far. But, we have 4, and have been in a great deal of other games. I believe we are close to being an above average team, and the last 5 will show us if I am right or not.

4. Consider this, on paper how we have fared: And this is a perfect reason why we play the games and why we are so upset, but, on paper, all of the following is pretty much true:

NE most would have given us a loss.

Carolina was expected to be good, and they are. That win is pretty impressive.

Contrary to how we feel about the jets, winning on the road is hard, and most had us as underdogs, so, was losing realy that shocking?

No one expected us to beat Baltimore, yet, we did. We beat the reigning super bowl champs. KOOL

Very few, if any, thought we'd beat a Cinci team that is just better then us. They are further along in their class status in the league then we are.

I know some might bulk about this, but, Cleveland at home without EJ makes them better then us. Even with EJ, I am not sure if this young team is ready to play a tough young team well enough to win in their stadium. So, it wasn't shocking that Cleveland won.

Miami was a shock. I don't think hardly anyone expected a Thad Lewis fronted team to lead us to victory IN Miami. That might be the most shocking win of the year. And the one that gets us to the playoffs.

No one expected us to beat New Orleans. Nuff said.

Even if we didn't play Tuel, a rookie, on paper, the undefeated Chiefs looked to be better then us. The Bills weren't favored, so, a loss isn't shocking. Add in Tuel and it isn't shocking at all.

As for Pittsburgh, They were embarrassed by New England (thanks idiots) and they came out to kill us. It was EJ's first game back on top of that, and really what did we expect? And don't forget, Pitt were pretty sold favs on paper to beat us. So, not a big shock when we did lose.

And we beat the Jets at home, as a favorite. I think that is the first time we have been a favorite all year. Against the point spread, I bet we have done pretty good.

So, in my eyes, from the beginning of the season, we have played well above what we should have done. Which brings us to this:

Atlanta- they looked pretty bad last night, although their D did limit NO to just 17. But, that was at home. I have a feeling that in Toronto, they will not play that well, and Buffalo should be able to beat them, just like the Jets and (pretty sure) Miami did.

Tampa This game scares me the most b/c all of a sudden, the sleeping giant has awoken. I think it might go back to slumber by the time we play them, but, I can see us being a favorite in this game too.

Jacksonville has already closed up shop. Lets be honest.

Miami, IMO has almost 0% chance here. They have no OL now, especially thanks to the Incognito/Martin fallout. That bodes well here. They couldn't handle Mario in Miami, they certainly can't handle the DL here in Buffalo. Look for a crazy defensive game from our D. I can easily see us being FAVORITES and living up to that title clear to the NE game, week 17.

Is there any more we can ask? We got a late bye week, a good chance to heal up, and being healthy for the first time this season headed to the last quarter of the season. We should be favorites for the next 4, we should have a 5 game winning streak. Really think about it, every game they should have lost, they have been right in. So, why should we expect games when they should win for them to lay a goose egg? This isn't your daddy's Bills teams of the 70's and 80's. They have been playing up to the competition all year, and honestly, we just haven't been watching. I'd be shocked if we don't win. I am NOT saying they will be blowouts, just wins.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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