Not sure if I understand football anymore

Hello Fellow Rumblers. I wanted to post a few things and get some others' insight.

1. If the playoff started today RYAN FREAKIN FITZPATRICK would be in the playoffs. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Say what you will, that team has some talent. I doubt very much they will stay there, but, wow.

2. I don't profess to know everything about football, but, I think I know more then 75% of the rules. I am shocked to hear that the players don't know the rules to the game they play. Is that shocking to you? Do any of you find it odd that we know more about the rules then the players do? And why wouldn't they want to learn them?

3. I am gonna put up a vote on this. I thought I knew what a catch was. Now, they have so many sub rules that it makes it hard to phrase what it is. Some teams get calls, others don't. Or pass interference. I watched the Denver/NE game and I really don't understand how the refs can let obvious PI calls go uncalled. I mean, that is their job, right? Do we as fans want the players to decide the game or if a penalty is done, to have the refs do it? I'd rather the game be called according to the rules, and if the guy commits a foul, then call it. But, the inconsistency is maddening.

4. I don't care if Manning wins a super bowl for Denver, I am so glad we didn't sign him. He simply doesn't have the arm to play in Buffalo weather. I don't think he will ever win another super bowl, but, wow, his arm is worse then Fitz'

5. Who needs to step up down the stretch? CJ? The OL? the Stars? What do u say? I think the OL must put it together now. The Bills need a running game if they are gonna win out.

6. I don't think the Bills are a bad team anymore. I think they are approaching average. Average teams typically finish 6 to 10 wins. Bad teams are lucky to reach 6 wins. So, I think the Bills can beat at least 4 of their next 5 simply b/c they are better. But, lets face it, the 2 hardest games will be Atlanta (in Toronto ugh) and Tampa. IF we win those 2, it will be a close game.

7. Lets look at the teams in front of us:

Tenn: @ indy, @ Denver, Ariz, @ jack, Hous. I can easily see them losing to Indy, Den, Ariz, so, not worried.

Pitt @Balt, Mia, Cinci, @Gb, Cleve I can see them losing to Balt, Cinci and GB. So, not too worried.

Balt Pitt, Minn, @Detroit, NE, @Cinci. I can see them losing to Detroit, NE and Cinci, but, wow, not good.

San Diego Cinci, NYG, @Denver, Oak, KC. They have it pretty easy. I can see them losing to Cinci and Denver but, wow 4 games at home, what a break for them.

Jets Miami, Oak, @Car, Cle, @Miami I can see them losing to Car and @miami, just enough to sneak by.

Miami @Jets, @Pitt, NE, @Buffalo, NYJ I can see them losing to Pitt, NE, Buf, and @jets.

Oakland @Dallas, @Jets, KC, @SD, Denver I can see them losing to Dallas, KC, SD and Denver, not worried

Cleveland Jack, @NE, Chicago, @NY, @Pitt. They have a brutal schedule. I can't see them beating NE, Chicago, Jets or Pitt.

Buffalo Atlanta, @Tampa, @Jack, Mia, @NE I can see us squeaking by Atlanta and Tampa, and beating Jack and Miami pretty easily. Best case is that no other team has 8 wins and we can sneak in with 8 wins. @NE, wow, just wow.

Buffalo is in a bad spot b/c their conference record is 2-6. They lose in a 3 (or more) way tie with almost every team. I won't go through each tie breaker adjusted for each victory (or loss) I predict b/c this would be like 10,000 words and everyone would want to take a nap. But, the best we can do is 6-6 and that might not be good enough in the case of a tie.

Question, is this a case of parity or bad football? How is it that 4 wins lands u in the top 10 for the 2014 draft, yet, is also just 1 game out of the playoffs? That is crazy. 5 Weeks to go, and only 6 teams are out of the playoff hunt. Could you imagine of the trade deadline was now? That would be mighty interesting.

Go Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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