After Thanksgiving Day Shout.......

Go Buffalo!!!

Anyways, here I go. Hopefully the Buffalo Bill players and staff didn't overstuff themselves with too much Turkey, Green Bean Casserole and Pumpkin Pie!!

Yes, at 4-7, The Buffalo Bills are hanging by their toenails trying to get that final playoff spot......STEP UP!! I am by far, not the only Buffalo Bills fan that needs to state this....I am sure the players check this site out from time to time and see the fanposts, again.......STEP UP!! I am a fan, Yes, a few weeks ago I was SEVERALLY pi$$ed off due to the fact that it seemed like another season of Buffalo being out of the playoffs before Thanksgiving there is a slim chance of hope they can make it this year.....Do this for Ralph Wilson, for the fans....and For the rest of the NFL that doesn't Bill-ieve in this football team. I am Sorry for talking alot of crap about this team the last few years but I only hope to see them do well, and when they have chances to beat teams in close games, it's very frustrating when they can't pull it out!! I was at the game Week 1, and even though I was able to see that game and had a great time chillin with the other fans, that game stung for me! Buffalo should have had that WIN!!

Fast forward to Week 13.....Buffalo vs. Atlanta

The day after Thanksgiving seeing the Lions, Cowboys and Ravens all taking care of business.....all positive outcomes for the Bills slim Playoff hopes. There are still alot of things that need to fall Buffalo's way but as far as teams holding the 6th spot, I hope Baltimore sits in that spot for the next couple of weeks. If Buffalo can come up with a string of WINS than at the end of the season, the Ravens will need to lose 1 game and Buffalo Wins the tie breaker with them due to head to head meetings!! It doesn't really matter at this point , the only thing that matters is Atlanta will be in Toronto on Sunday, and Buffalo needs to Show up....and STEP UP!! Toronto has not been kind to Buffalo, but Buffalo will win this week. Not because I say so....but realizes they need to grow a pair the rest of this season for all the other Buffalo Bills fans...and to show that for another season they won't be a doormat in the NFL!!

This is to Mario, Marcell, Spiller, Woods, Manuel, Chandler, Alonso, Kyle, Lawson, Gilmore, McKelvin, and the rest of the team.......STEP UP!!

Don't let people push you around, show them you are the MAN.......Push them around, MAKE THE FALCONS your PERSONAL DOORMAT'S!!!



Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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