Lets look over a critical choice by a franchise we should NEVER EVER follow

Hello Fellow Rumblers,

A few years back, plenty of people were very critical of the Buffalo Bills for not having the guts to do what the Washington Redskins did, a blockbuster trade for a franchise QB.

On top of that, plenty of people were of the "just take anyone but Fitz" bandwagon.

I hated both of those lines of thought.

I don't believe every QB with proper coaching can be a franchise QB. Some just don't have it. Whether or not "it" is arm strength, accuracy, poise, guts, etc, there are many "Its" that can doom a QB. So, I never had a problem with them waiting for the right guy for the right price to happen, even if that meant waiting at least 4 years.

Now, lets look at the Bills and Redskins. They traded a lot to get their franchise guy. And he led them to the playoffs last year. And if anyone was to look back, I practically predicted a giant fall for them this year b/c they had no draft picks, made the playoffs on an improbable run, and drafted lower then they should have. I expect they will actually follow KC and sink to the bottom, and start over. That is what happens to teams who make the playoffs before they should. They sink to the bottom the following year, yeah, I am looking at you Minn.

That is why we should want our Bills to only go to the playoffs when they are ready. And I think they are. I think they will win the next 4. I think the stars are there and some quality depth is there. I think the foundation is there, and certainly, the D is there.

Looking at Wash, they took the QB b/c they felt they were a franchise QB away from being a contender. The problem with doing that is that you really hurt your team. First and second round guys are starters. So, while QB might be the most important spot on the team, he can't do it alone. I actually think the Bills did smart building up the team and letting the QB grow with a solid team around him. But, Washington traded away any help that could have aided him this year, and next year too. They simply have no one coming in.

And speaking of trading away first or second round, it really has to be worth it. I think Trent Richardson was a terrible trade, but, I think the Revis trade was great for Tampa.

A side note, can anyone recall when giving away a bunch of picks actually worked out for the team that gave away all the picks? I can't.

I predict that Wash will lose Shanny either this year or next, a new coach will come in and who knows if he will jell with RG3. It is entirely possible that RG3 won't be a Redskin in 2 years. So, the next 4 years could be terrible for Wash. And all they got to show for it was a one and done in the playoffs. Simply, IMO, that isn't worth it.

IMO, you never give up too much, for any player, especially a QB b/c he can't do it alone, and every draft pick or player that you trade away was one more guy that might have helped him. I won't go into what I think of RG3 or his struggles, this post wasn't meant to pile on his problems. He's had a terrible second year. It is possible he will be okay in year 3, and some will say look at Cam. He's playing very well. He is, and he also had the full compliment of draft picks to add talent to his team. That talent means so much. Teams are so close now that in the new NFL simply can't afford to give up that much.

I think the league has Elite teams (Seattle), good (NE), Average (Buffalo), Below average (Jets) and bad (Jacksonville). The wins difference between the good and below average is only a few games. It is the difference between 6 wins and 9 wins on a season. And a few players is all that now separate the good and below average teams, players that Wash simply don't have because they foolishly thought that a QB could fix far more then what was broken in Washington, and any NFL team would be wise to look at their stunning fall from glory.

Buffalo did it right waiting for their QB, at the right price, at the right time. And now, they should be moving from Average to good within a year.

Go bills


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