What do you like this weekend? Week 10

Another loser for me. I may have lost all credibility with the faithful readers of this weekly series. So now all I have to play for is my pride...and hopefully winning back the few mortgage payments I've lost to my bookie so far this season. I frequently remind myself that it only qualifies as a "problem" when you start dipping into you kids college funds or stealing relatives televisions. Let's use this week to keep us on the good side of that grey area.

Week 9 recap. Another crappy week.

MIA+3** (W) Cincy was just too set up for the letdown. These are the emotional plays you have to look for.

TEN-3*** (W) Started to sweat this one until that 4th quarter TD. A win is a win.

SEA-15**** (L) Looks like a blind system bet was not the way to go on this one. This was a telling game for Seattle...more to come on this week's plays.

OAK-2.5** (L) WTF? Seriously, Nick Foles! Who do you think you are? I liked it better when Matt Barkley was starting.

GB-10.5** (L) With Rogers in this is a win...period.

2-3-0 on the week brings my season record to 23-27-1 or -$335 if you're a $50 bettor playing 1 unit per play.

Week 10 lines:

WAS@MIN+1 O/U48.5

JAX@TEN-12.5 O/U41.5

PHI@GB-1 O/U46.5

BUF@PIT-3 O/U43.5

OAK@NYG-7 O/U43.5




DET@CHI pk O/U51.5

CAR@SF-6 O/U42.5


DEN@SD+6.5 O/U57.5

DAL@NO-6.5 O/U53.5

MIA@TB+2.5 O/U41

My week 10 picks:

TEN-12.5*** Make it more...don't care. Minus Blackmon Jacksonville literally has nobody. Tennessee handles them mightily.

BUF+3**** EJ proves why he is the QB of the future in this rout of the reeling Steelers. Big Ben gets eaten for lunch and the Bills secondary play big!

IND-9*** Okay, St. Louis played two close games minus Bradford. Here's the deal - they won't have the crowd to fire up their defense in Indy this weekend. Luck and the boys win this by double digits in front of their home crowd.

ATL+5** Here it i...laying it out one more time for the dirty birds. If it bites me in the butt, then they are done for the remainder of the season in my book. Seattle has struggled for two weeks in a row. Conventional wisdom would say they have to turn it around, but they are weak on the o-line; and minus Rice, they seem to be lacking at WR. Look for Hotlanta to stay in this one and maybe even pull out the upset at home.

BAL+2****** LOVE IT! Cincy is good, but has struggled on the road (even when they've won - the margins were slim). Balty is coming off the bye. I have to believe that even the sting of that TNF OT Safety wont be enough to out play a ravens team that will play tough at home in a divisional game. I like it - I like it a lot

NO-6.5*** Always bet New Orleans at home...always. Even more so when they lost the week before.

That's my card. All sides no 'bout y'all?

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