Winners win...and then there's us

With a lot of RAW emotion after the Toronto Bills game today, I want to tell you that I literally lost it during this game. I ripped my jersey off and screamed at the TV until I almost passed out. Some of you are shaking your head yes and some of you are thinking I'm crazy, and I'm here to say, "What's the point?"

I watched every play of that game today and there's two things I'd really like to focus on.

1st - We don't have a winning attitude. I liked that Steve got a little emotional on the sideline but you should be damn beside yourself pissed when you make a bonehead play like that. Chandler sat there with a dumb look on his face, like he didn't even know what is going on. I am a big EJ supporter but today I saw NO, and I mean NO killer instinct on his face. Now, he's a rookie and I'll give him a chance to develop one but today, I saw nothing. I saw no leadership from Steve, less from Chandler, and the rest of the team was just along for the ride.

I've also been a big supporter of Marrone, I think it was a good hire and I felt good about the direction of the team. How you cannot be livid to the point you are ejected from the game when they make that bullsh** pass interference call is beyond me. How you cannot light up the media room with your insane cursing after the league continuously screws us over is unbelievable. How Russ Brandon or whoever is not on the phone with the league office screaming for justice is crazy.

If I can get so pissed that I have to leave the room so as not to break stuff as a fan, why don't the players/coaches/staff get even 1/10th as upset?

2nd - Toronto, F-ing Toronto. I know the arguments for Toronto, but I don't care. This team, OUR team is a Buffalo brand, a Buffalo original. The Bills lose a home game each year (and one in December) to play in that STUPID dome. We give away our biggest advantage for what?? So more Falcons fans can come to the game? Toronto fans don't care about us. So, it's about money? Well, there has to be more than money.

My conclusion is this: The chance that we were actually going to make the playoffs was slim. But what the team was selling and what we all bought was HOPE. That's gone now. So, what, we win the rest of our games to get a worse draft pick? Yay!! I am without HOPE right now.

I like THIS team. I like the Buffalo Bills - have for years. And I am cautiously optimistic for our future. However, if it's all about money and the team is inevitably moving to Toronto, why bother? Why give us HOPE only to pull it away, whether it be in 2 years, 5 years, etc.


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