Revenge of the Nerds (or why it hurts to watch sports on TV)

I like to watch football and have been doing it for over 40 years (which makes me almost older than dirt). I've been to about 20 games at rich/ Ralph Wilson stadium and the late and un-lamented Cleveland Municipal stadium. In the games I have attended I have never made a conscious effort to look at the coach of either team, other fans, the owner, GM, assistant coaches in the press box or really anything else at the stadium but the game (cheerleaders being the notable exception). Yet, when I watch the games on television I get to see all of these things, at the expense of watching what is going on on the field.

TV will show a play. As soon as the play is over, they cut to each coach, another random player, some fans who are either deliriously happy to devastated by what happened. Maybe they will show a replay; rarely does the replay show why a play worked or didn't work (the camera angle from the ground level side of the end zone is the worst; they show the QB's face, then follow the flight of the ball, followed by a bunch of people reacting to the ball at the end). Sometimes they don't get to the next play in time, so you can't see the setup for the play (who's on the field, what is the offensive or defensive formation).

The best seat in the house at a football game is halfway up the stands at the 50 yard line (or in a luxury box). The second best seat is that same view in my living room. The networks are taking that view away from me and I suspect a conspiracy. The people who direct these telecasts could be the same people who were in the audio-visual club in high school; the same people who were made fun of and picked on in high school by people who like to watch football. They could be getting their ultimate revenge by ruining football (and other sports) telecasts by showing everything in the football stadium (or other sports arena) but the actual game. (I apologize if I have offended anyone reading this who was a member of the AV club; offending you is not my intent).

To all sports telecast directors; Please:

- show us the games. Keep the pictures on the field, even between plays.
- do not show us coaches or managers. During the game they do nothing (they don't block, tackle, catch, throw, kick, hit, shoot or save).
- do not show us the fans in the stands. They also do nothing. If you put a camera on them they instantly start acting crazy and lose all control.
- show more pictures of the cheerleaders, if you must show something other than the field.
- show us replays that show why a play worked or didn't work (i.e., from the high angle; the lower the angle of the shot, the worse the shot will be).

- do not give us slow motion replays of the reaction of the coaches or other players not on the field. It adds nothing to the broadcast. They are either real happy or sad; so what, move on.

Please make it fun to watch sports again.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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