What a wacky weekend of football

Hello fellow Rumblers,

I wanted to say a few things about mostly the Bills, but, some other football related stuff too:

1. Frank Summers isn't that good on Madden Rookie level, wow, what a game from him yesterday.

2. I loved the game plan for EJ. He started off bad, but, really played pretty good yesterday. He was responsible for 3 TDs and that's pretty good. The 2 mistakes need to be worked on. He needs to learn from his mistakes too, he's falling for the same double DB blitz off of one side. If they are sending 2 men, he HAS to recognize they are sliding coverage over there. I'd give him a pretty solid B rating for the game, more good plays then bad, but, several noticeable bad ones.

3. A win is a win. For those of you that don't put much stock in the win b/c it was the Jags, I suggest you look no further then the Philly/Minn game yesterday. They had a backup QB, NO HOF HB PETERSON, down offensive weapons and 3 DBs. And what did Minn do to a playoff team to be Philly, put up 48 and won the game. Lets us also look at the New Orleans/St. Louis game, you know the game where the third best team in the league (or was it second?) LOST to a St. Louis team that was way out of it's league? Or lastly, what about NE losing to Miami?? A win is a win, and teams are close to each other. So, I couldn't care less that we beat Jacksonville. As long as we understand, an Average -bad team beat a bad team, then I don't care about the win. If anyone thinks that moves us up to Average or better, well, that might be a tad foolish...

4. I loved the offensive game plan. I loved the curls, crossing routes, screens, and a heavy dose of rushing. It's a solid game plan, and as long as the OL plays like that, they can be in some games, against almost anyone.

5. I heard someone call our defense a break but don't bend unit (the opposite of the bend but don't break). It's an apt analogy. They either made great plays, or they give up big plays to anyone, at any time. It might be fun to watch, or frustrating, but, if they are gonna be a real team that can vie for the playoffs, they need to fix the D. I don't think they are far away, one or 2 guys. I think Hughes and Aaron Williams will only get better. Getting Hughes for what's his face was a steal. Glad to see that work in our favor for once.

6. Can we stop with all the "our staff did wrong cutting this or that guy." Who cares. Fitz threw for 4 TD's yesterday. Great for him. Da'Rick Rodgers was the "amazing" what 2 catches for 25 yards, wow ,he tore it up. Does anyone really care about one game? I don't. He's got a bad attitude. And he doesn't have the skills to put up with said attitude and entitlement, see Dez Bryant in Dallas, they are getting real tired of his antics. This team doesn't need divas. At least not Diva's that aren't quality like Randy Moss… And look what Matt Flynn. Perhaps we should have cut EJ for Flynn. He won a great game. In their system. I trust our guys cut the right people and if they go on to have success for other teams, great. I don't care. Actually, in a way, I feel better b/c it means we are cutting good players b/c we are okay at a specific position. You remember the days of the guys we cut not landing anywhere b/c they were so bad (Jerry Crafts anyone), so, be happy guys are doing okay elsewhere.

7. I think we should all know how much the Buffalo Bills and the community matter to Stevie. If you want to hate his poor choices off the field, fine, but, DON'T EVER QUESTION HIS HEART. The dude lost his mom on Saturday and played Sunday. I couldn't imagine the emotional turmoil he was in (actually ,sadly, I can, but, that's not the point). He wants to be a Bill and I don't see why we should ever trade him, unless the trade really benefits us. We aren't a better team without Stevie, and you can't win jack without leaders who care.

8. I'm not going to a game recap b/c dynamichero22 does a great job and more often then not, our grades are very very similar, so, why read the same thing twice. He has a good read every weak!!

I think that's it for now. Enjoy the win, and lets hope we can make it 2 in a row against Miami. Sure, I'd love the better draft pick, but, it's Miami!. And I will say that I think this team is better then the team last year, and some of their victories have come against better teams. I believe they are on the right track. Good teams find a way to win, no matter what, and they did that yesterday. They aren't there yet, but, at least that's a step and a step forward is better then falling back. They beat a team yesterday that wasn't gonna lie down and give it away.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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