"Here is to Mud in Your Eye!" Week 16 Picks

Week 16 Picks

Record 144-79

Last Week 10-6

Sure we witnessed some nice plays, unexpected upsets, and even the longest field goal not only on Monday Night prime time, but the longest in history of the NFL, along with nice developments, of feel good stories, but lets not forget the clever diversions from the hedge long life in a dystopia of what we are use to calling winners and losers. For the cynical fan in the fan I must concede that December was a good month for the NFL when it comes to measuring the optics, then again the officiating is still a pestering open wound that will not go away. With a little less than two weeks remaining for the NFL's regular season, this is the time we see more or less of happy and sad faces, more talk of off-season (HotStove) possibilities, and for those who are already looking forward to the meat market auction in which we call the NFL draft of 2014, there is solace in yet another year in which hope rides on winning the lottery while at the same time filled with the disappointment of what ifs. The loyalty to a losing tradition is a badge of honor, a earned right of passage that only serves to pacify those who had to endure yet another, what if scenarios, painfully going through the woes is unto me heartaches while watching other teams in the playoffs, while yours is somewhere else. Yes this is a December to remember and for a lot of reasons that are not necessarily related to the players or the teams themselves, but merely a turning point in which we reevaluate our priorities. Such as reevaluating the value and worth of the invested time we put into such teams interests, and in the end we are left questioning what is the manifestation of that time, where will it lead where will it go, will it reveal itself in another awakening, perhaps something that is not entirely related to football altogether? We evolve, well, eventually, but all things consider, my new Christmas toast should be "here is to mud in your eye!"

The Dolphins @ The Bills

Buffalo finally got another road win, and EJ's first. What's up with that endzone dance EJ was performing? Was that some kind of Voodoo chicken, turkey dance or impersonation of some sort? Seeing that really hurt the eyes, and one might be suggestive of its awkward stiltedness that still needs some work before celebrating endzone dances, or a little more humble humanity is in tall order. EJ did put in a solid performance to at least stave off the critics for another week that had their doubts. Is it possible the Bills run the table against their divisional opponents? Yes! It is possible, but the likelihood of it happening is now greatly diminished with the recent development of EJ, not playing, due to yet another Knee injury, and now Thad Lewis starting, and especially considering the unpredictability by every team in the league to either win or lose on any given week, then it also fair to assume that anything is possible. Miami on the other hand is playing really good, thanks in large part to Tannenhills emergence as a quality QB, and making clutch throws and running a fairly efficient attack for big gains. The are also playing to keep their playoff hopes alive, What is evident with this Miami team is that they are prone to giving up big yardage by the secondary, and timely running plays which Brady had exposed. Upset! Buffalo

The Vikings @ The Bengals

Minnesota may have found an interim answer to their befuddled QB crisis this year by playing Matt Cassel. His 382 passing yards and efficient game management were certainly on display in the win over The Eagles last week. But I would be foolish to believe that somehow they found some magical formula and are now considered a good football team. Cincinnati on the other hand, the Vikings next opponent, succumbed to their old ways of losing to Pittsburgh while getting punched in the mouth in the process. I mean that Literally! Punter Kevin Huber found out the hard way during an Antonio Brown 67 yard return in which Terrance Garvin put a licking on him rendering Huber with a broken jaw in the process. Its either Steeler brand of Football, or Cincinnati needs to toughen up if they expect to go far in the post season. The point is, Cincinnati psyche is a little fractured at the moment due to their loss, and going forward they have to be happy that the Steelers, even though they have won are all but eliminated from the playoffs. Cincinnati will regroup and will focus on the final stretch in which they will be home for. Cincinnati

The Colts @ The Chiefs

One has to wonder that when the Colts won the division that somehow they began to rest on their laurels to only coast the rest of the way. The Chiefs, and Jamaal Charles seem to be playing well and now just finishing two road wins return home in hopes to corral the Colts, break them, paint them, then ride them off to war. Kansas City

The Buccaneers @ The Rams

The Rams seem to be playing the role of spoiler in a rather relishing way, especially after upsetting the Saints this past Sunday will do wonders for a teams confidence that has been reeling with injuries and missing their starting QB. The Buccaneers on the other hand, were a little beleaguered with the loss to the 49ers, but might give St Louis a run for their money. Still the Rams are poised for big things, considering their draft position and getting healthier for more depth. St Louis

The Browns @ The Jets

Nothing seems to have gone well for either of these teams this season, and well to predict this game one would have to cut their teeth as to find the slight advantage that would favor that team. Geno's play has been horrible, and well Cleveland, not much different in comparison, with the exception of Jason Campbell I would surmise he will be the difference. Cleveland

The Cowboys @ The Redskins

Do we dare say this is the classic "Cowboys and Indians game? The Redskins started Cousins, and while he did throw for 381 yards and kept things close for awhile, throwing the three interceptions was also a shot in the foot. With Five lost fumbles, the Redskins ties a team record. Sometimes going for two points and running the gambit is riskier than Kicking a field goal to tie the game, which is now hindsight considering their failure.

The "oh no Romo" factor showed up again despite a 358 yard performance, but throwing 2 interceptions was a killer. Though if you consider the 23 points the Cowboys gave up, then you may conclude that not of all this is Romo's fault, but a coaching staff who didn't stick with a running game that was working, is again sheer stupidity. Oh and the Dez Bryant headline that read "Dez left early to hide tears" elicited a certain sardonic response and begs the question if the toughest sport had such sensitivities in its players who want to cry, then what is next? Rainbows and Unicorns? Then again, Bryant is just acting like the Diva that he is, and we should not be surprised. The Cowboys have lost two weeks in a row to back-up quarterbacks, and I say Kirk Cousins and the Redskins put it all out on the line and ruin the Cowboy season. Washington

The Saints @ The Panthers

So the showdown begins, and Carolina awaits in earnest to avenge their loss two weeks again. The Saints have proven by last weeks upset loss that their not good on the road, and certainly brings to question of whether they stand a chance to win it all in the post season. The Panthers now are in a prime position to claim the division, and possibly more if they continue with their stellar play on Defense. Carolina

The Titans @ The Jaguars

Now that the Jaguars were officially eliminated from the playoff contention, they now will be playing for pride and possibly draft position. Also to add insult to injury, losing offensive guard Michael Brewster to a broken ankle is yet another loss to an already depleted group suffering from various injuries this season. The Titans on the other hand, after losing yet another game will try to avenge their earlier loss to the Jags. This game is a toss up, like trying to find a deal in the one-dollar bin. Fitztragic throws an interception in overtime when they were at the cards 43, and on their way to scoring the go ahead points for the win. Sound familiar? Well yeah, but I would say that Fitzpatrick gets this win, only because the Titans are a better team, and the Jags have too many injuries at this point despite their playing well. Tennessee

The Broncos @ The Texans

After losing last week to the Chargers, Payton Manning and the Broncos are looking to keep the ship sailing with a strong finish. Now that New England lost to the Miami Dolphins, The Broncos still remain the top seed and will secure the Home field advantage through out the playoffs. The Texans on the other hand, is just horrible, and are not playing much for anything. This is just business! Denver

The Giants @ The Lions

Will Jim Schwartz survive after this season, considering just a few weeks ago after sweeping the Bears season series, they were in prime position to claim their division and go into the playoffs? What happened to Megatron? Why is Stafford all of sudden throwing ill advised interceptions? Also Staffords completion percentage is below 50%, not very good and is the worse rated in the league right now, and not what you would expect if you want to be in the playoffs. Still this is a talented team, and one has to wonder what is wrong with it? Are they succumbing to their once proud inferiority complex to not change their own destiny? The Giants are essentially not playing for anything, and with each loss, means a better draft position in 2014, and I am sure Eli Manning is ready to hit the Golf links to forget what a horrible season it has been for the "G-Men. Detroit

The Cardinals @ The Seahawks

The Cardinals should try to incorporate the Pope, Catholic connection in relation to their mascot moniker in order to will god on their side. More or less a prayer is needed for the Cardinals if they expect to upset the Seahawks at home. With two games remaining, the Cardinals at least have to win one in order to get to the playoffs, with the last one at home facing the 49ers. The Seahawks on the other hand are rolling at home to finish as the top seed and will remain at home throughout the playoffs. Seattle

The Steelers @ The Packers

Smash mouth football is on order here when these two classic teams meet on the field come Sunday. Is Matt Flynn returning to form that earned him that huge contract a few years ago? Green Bay needs to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Pittsburgh is all but eliminated from the playoffs. GreenBay

The Raiders @ The Chargers

The Chargers are coming off extra rest with their playoff hopes hanging by a thread. Also playing some of their best football this season on the wake of a big win over the Broncos, then it is easy to assume that the Chargers should win this game easily. The Chargers are now on a roll, but being 3-3 at home is something that has become sort of an enigma as of late. They always seem to put on their best performance for the division leaders and play horrible to inferior opponents, ah, like the Raiders. I would argue that the Chargers would be looking to avenge their earlier loss and keep their playoff hopes alive, with the final showdown next week against the Chiefs. The Raiders bad year can't get worse, but last weeks game in which McGloin throws 4 ints, and the team allowing the most points in its history against the Chiefs has to be demoralizing. San Diego

The Patriots @ The Ravens

The Ravens right now are the most interesting team to watch. Add now 5 games of being won with less than 3 points is the pattern in which they are winning by and is continuing on a trajectory of heart stopping. Also consider their game they won without scoring a touchdown, and then it is easy to see that this defense is starting to show form that is built for the playoffs. They win the next two games and they win the division then they are in the playoffs, simple as that. The Patriots on the other hand are reeling from their loss to Miami, and will have a tough time down the stretch. The one thing we have learned from the Miami game, which was true from before in previous Superbowl appearances against the Giants; get into Brady's grill all day, and will you have a winning formula to beat the Patriots. The Patriots with all their injuries is a testament to their organization and their coach to keeping things on an even keel all season long, but now without Nate Solder, Brady will have to make sure he protects himself, the injuries this time is taking its toll. Baltimore

The Bears @ The Eagles

The Bears are now sole possession of first place, and with a win in Phili sets up a showdown with the oldest rivalry in football with the Packers in the final home game for the Bears. The Eagles on the other hand will be a formidable challenge, and have to be considered favorites in this game, considering the highflying offense going against one of the worst defenses. Chicago's strategy should be more on ball control and time of possession then airing it out on finesse plays. Will Lance Briggs make difference for a defense that is worst in the league? Philadelphia

The Falcons @ The 49ers

Kapernik this, Kapernick that, Kapernick....what is the point right? Frank Gore, gored the Bucs, Frank Gore can run, and will continue against the Falcons. Matt Ryan will soon realize that he is a long way from home, and will fold like a house of cards. Hot garbage can be used as an alternative source of energy, but to sell it is another matter!

San Francisco

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