Position by Position Needs (Part 1 of 3)

Besides "TALENT", this mythical player who can always help at any position, who do the Bills need to go after in the draft?

Looking at the offense, I believe there are a couple of glaring weaknesses (PS - weakness is a relative term, to the NFL or to the other parts of the team). Despite our scheme being vanilla, boring, or whatever else you want to call it, the offense is incredibly close to being very successful.

QB - EJ/Thad/Tuel - I am one who happens to think that EJ has miles of potential and there's no way you can count him as a bust at this point (talk to me at the end of next season). Thad is a solid backup who seems to also have potential. Tuel is Tuel but how many people have anything significant at the THIRD QB position. In 2014, I see EJ and Thad being better and Tuel still being Tuel. If he gets in the game we are in serious trouble.

RB - The team is strong at RB, but I know people have been concerned about the running game. CJ is electric and a game-changer and I write this season off due to the lingering injury. Freddy is amazing, ageless, and a pounder inside. Frank Summers is an underrated FB. In 2014, Freddy is older, CJ is healthier, and I hope we still have Summers. The running backs are good.

WR - Woods has shown flashes, Goodwin is for real, and I believe Stevie is solid. The problem is that this group has no legit #1. Graham is doing his best Bills impression by playing well after it doesn't matter. t think Woods make take that role (#1) but probably not in 2014.

TE - Chandler, L. Smith - I don't see much here. Chandler is unspectacular, but Gates, Gonzalez, and Graham do not just grow on trees. I think we can do better here, for sure.

OL - I look at the OL as a group and say we are pretty average here. On paper, we have some good talent and I think C. Glenn is a legit star-in-the-making. There's potential, but if you want to know why CJ struggles, in part it's the OL. I know, Freddy has the same OL to run behind but the truth is they are different runners and they need runs blocked different ways.

If I were looking at the draft/free agency for OFFENSE, I would prioritize like this:

#1 TE

#2 OL

#3 QB

#4 WR

#5 RB


Is there are Gonzalez/Gates/Graham in the draft at TE?

I think the draft has some good OL prospects to be found in the 2nd/3rd round

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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