Grading the Bills v Patriots - Last Game

On a cold wet evening, the Bills finished their year on a sloppy note. The Bills were repeatedly stabbed by a Blount instrument across the board. While this may not have been a high point to end the year on, the Bills still showed improvement despite several key injuries throughout the season. And the Bills possess the ninth overall pick in the draft as well. Here’s the breakdown for their last game.

Rushing Offense: A

With pouring rain comes a run-heavy game and the Bills did well on all but one aspect. First though, C.J. Spiller had a very strong outing with 19 carries for 105 yards (5.5 avg) while Fred Jackson contributed 60 yards on 14 carries (4.3 avg) and a 6 yard TD. The one area though that killed them was securing short yardage first downs – if this isn’t an indication that the Bills need to draft a Day 2 guard, I don’t know what is…

Passing Offense: C+

Thad Lewis may indeed remain the #2 QB after a capable outing at New England. Thad finished 16/29 passes (55%) for 247 yards and a TD to T.J. Graham. Graham had a good outing with 3 catches for 62 yards, but had a costly drop late in the game. Drops also happened with Chandler and Jackson too due to a wet ball. The Bills also gave up four sacks.

Run Defense: F--

Remember how the Bills gave up just 14 yards a week ago to Miami’s backs. Yesterday they gave up 267 yards, 189 rushing by Blount (7.9 yards per) alone!! Missing Dareus for the first half hurt, but Blount still piled in the big yards after his return. Problems here with Blount being a big back, a great Pats O-Line and the fact that Bradham and Leonhard couldn’t make tackles.

Pass Defense: B-

Face it, Brady did not have to throw too much with Blount on a tear. Brady finished with just 122 yards passing, but despite his one pick (courtesy of Manny Lawson) was effective, particularly with connecting with Julian Eldelman who had 9 catches. Stefan Charles had his first career sack, but again the Pats O-Line held their own quite well.

Special Teams: F

Despite a great outing by Dan Carpenter who connected on both field goal attempts including one from 51 yards, I have to flunk special teams. That’s because the Bills got burned to the tune of 83 and 62 yard kick returns by none other than LeGarrette Blount. Aside from field goals, inconsistent special teams play has been a problem that will hopefully convince the Bills to get rid of Special Teams Coach Danny Crossman.

Coaching: D

Losing to the Pats was a downer to end the season, but heck, Marrone now gets a clean slate to start over with next season. Things they need to fix include tackling, recovering fumbles (0/4 this game), and not taking stupid penalties. Also, I feel the half game suspension was the right call for Dareus; he’s a good kid, but needs some discipline to reach his full potential.

Go Bills!

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