"Love Kills Slowly" Week 14 Picks

Record 121-70
Last week 9-7

The arbitrary nature is which we are seeing in the NFL these days, the wins, losses, the unexpected fumble, the timely interception, a coach stepping on the field, or the improbable comebacks in which the usual suspects always seem to come away with a win or a loss, depending how you look at it, then you begin to see just how boring it is to watch at times. At least the Seahawks though, look like they may be the team to win it all this season, and if that were to happen then perhaps there is hope that teams like the Bills can also have a shot at winning it all some day. Speaking of the Bills, I say to most of the pessimistic cynics out there, the Denver Broncos lost 4 Superbowls, before winning two Championships a few years later. The logic being is that sometimes teams and organizations have to pay their dues before claiming that prize, in order to receive the necessary votes in which everything aligns just perfectly that favors a team. (Officiating, favorable scheduling etc etc) Organized crime is still alive and well in America. As of right now nothing should come as any surprises, even though I had went with some choices as shoulda, coulda, woulda premises, in which many teams who were expected to win just couldn't close the deal, such as my favorite team, in which let me down yet once again, but I should come to expect such as life in the NFL, and that there is a time and place for every team. I will surmise being a football fan of the NFL is just entertainment, which is a defense coping mechanism that is necessary for survival and the over all health of ones psyche.

The Texans @ The Jaguars

Surprise win in Cleveland and Chad Henne's performance has Jacksonville rethinking their QB situation, in what position they will address in their 2014 draft. If Chad Henne continues to improve his play, Jacksonville may be able to live with him as their starting QB going forward and address other needs to improve their team provided he can stay healthy. Houston on the other hand is really bad; I mean just plain bad, like hill Billy circumcision bad. One thing is for sure; there are a lot of changes in store for the Texans in the off-season, including the future of Gary Kubiak. Jaguars

The Colts @ The Bengals

Last weeks impressive victory at San Diego has the Bengals in prime position for the final stretch run to finish their season, as the remaining games on their schedule favor them at least finishing 3-1 or at 11-5. The one thing that will be of interest is to see if Andy Dalton can find another receiver other than AJ Green to throw to. I am sure teams they have yet to play will be tasking that as something they will try to take away. The Colts on the other hand are struggling on offense, and will be tested against an improved defense that earlier was dealing with injury issues. The remaining schedule also favors the Colts and the possibility of also finishing at 11-5 could see these two teams playing each other again in the playoffs. Bengals

The Falcons @ The Packers

The Packers season is a comparable metaphor to that of "Boardwalk Empires" season finale, where the character Richard Harold is seen whole again in a dream state returning to his sisters Wisconsin home. Then the final scene of him dead on the beach was a fitting end to what is otherwise considered one of the greatest characters created in the last 50 years. The Packers losers of 4 in a row, excluding the tie game, which can also be considered a loss at this point, then it is easy to see that this team is nothing without Rogers, and seeing their season slipping by is like bleeding out, with no medical help to be found. The question still remains if the Packers will have Arron Rogers back, and now the Falcons in town, will have to find a way to win to stay alive. Oh and who ever Matt Flynn's agent is, his phone should be ringing off the hook by now. After the way he played, it is obvious that he committed robbery on his free agent deal two years ago and is nothing more than a charlatan posing as a congenial lawyer committing fraud on Wall Street, at least that was my impression so far from Flynn's Thanks giving day performance. However I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he performs better against the Falcons, aided by their defense, and a well rested Lacey. Packers

The Browns @ The Patriots

Client (The Browns) was appointed by a federal, a high Priced Lawyer, (The Patriots) from a famous law firm, whose minimal billing is 800 dollars per hour, but now must take this case on pro bono because most of the litigation cases the firm favorably wins is in the judges court, and pissing him off would mean disaster for the firm. The Judge is an adversary of a certain senator, whose son was just murdered, and the accused, a heroine-addicted prostitute, was the last person seen with the deceased. The lawyer is now paying a visit to the client and the conversation goes something like this:

The slightly tanned, handsome brown hair man, dressed in a fine tailored suit, silk tie, standing at 6'3 fit, (Brady) is let in by a guard who buzzes the door open and is greeted by another guard.

Guard: You Shiwamu's Layer?

He doesn't want to admit it, so he just nods with a cautious look of anguish on his facial expression.

Guard: Ok, follow me please

Keys are heard jingling as they progress down a corridor to a solitary door where the client awaits. The Guard unlocks the door and the lawyer enters the room where the client is sitting. Once the door is slammed shut, the Lawyer cautiously sets his brief case down on the table and sits himself in front of a black women, who looks jaunt, withdrawn, whose hair is straight, but looks like it hasn't been combed for days, and is exhibiting a nervous energy that can't sit still. She then sneezes a couple of times into her hands, and just as the Lawyer was thinking about extending his hand to introduce himself, he is now having second thoughts for fear of attracting a communicable disease. He then reaches in his pocket, pulls out a business card and slides it across the table in front of her. She looks at the card and see's his name being A. Mark McGuiness Esq

Shiwamu: What dat A stand for?

Lawyer: Nothing

Shiwamu: Your first name be a letter?

Lawyer: MS. Smith, the court appointed me to be your lawyer, and you are being charged with murder, a federal offense because the victim was a federal official. If found guilty you could be sentenced to death or life in prison. Which is what I want to talk to you about pleading to a lesser offense. With good behavior, you could be out in thirty years.

Shiwamu's hands abruptly shoots out across the table and grabs the Lawyers wrists. He instinctively recoils from the woman who has a wild crazed look in her eyes, and is strong for her size.

Shiwamu: Get me a Fix! Some H! I need need it bad! Real bad!

Lawyer: You mean dope? No I can't do that!

Shiwamu: Thought you my Lawyer?

Lawyer: You had Lawyers give you dope?

Shiwamu: Foe Sex! C'mon I lick you right here!

Lawyer: No! For Christ sake!

The Lawyer pulls away, and Shiwamu gets up and resumes her pacing, as the Lawyer tries to regain his composure.

Lawyer: Now, Ok, You have a bail hearing at 9am, but don't count on getting out on a murder charge. If the court grants bail it will be high. Do you have any assets?

Shiwamu slapps her Butt

Shiwamu: This here is Shiwamu's best and only asset!

Lawyer: A nice A** will not get you out of jail

Shiwamu: It will in some countries!

Lawyer: You got to be joking right?

She looks at him incredulously with one hand on her hip.

Shiwamu: So what you saying I will be locked up in here til the trial?

Lawyer: Well considering the murder weapon found at the scene had your fingerprints on it, I would say the cards are stacked against you. Can you start by explaining what happened?

Shiwamu: Oh dat. Well a girl got to protect herself out in da streets

She then doubles over holding her stomach and starts to vomit

(strained voice ) "Mr. McGuiness, dat smack just own me!" but I am innocent! I tellin ya I am innocent!

This pretty much sums up the Browns season so far

Second week in a row that Gordon breaks the 200 yard receiving mark, a new franchise record. ( Hey OBD, please try to get a guy like this in the draft)
Also factor in that the Browns defense is 5th over all in the league, and it is hard to figure why so many games have been lost. Then again with virtually no quarter back, emphasizing the importance of the position will do any team in is beginning to sound like a broken record for Cleveland fans. If Cleveland somehow ends up upsetting the Patriots on some freakish play or two, I will be convinced that their is something fishy going on behind the scenes and will only reinforce my suspicions even more. Patriots

The Raiders @ The Jets

I rather accept a self-imposed sentence in Siberia then to have to make a decision, let alone watch this game. Although the slight advantage has to go to the Raiders, but not by much especially if one were to consider the fact that the last time the Raiders won on the east coast goes back to 2006, and the last time they beat the Jets on their turf was 1996, a pretty damming statistic in which the Raiders are hoping to stop. The Jets Defense on the other hand is feeling demoralized and desperately need to have a win, but it depends on how Geno performs, who also needs to have a good game to restore his already shattered confidence. Should Garrard get the start in order to save Ryan's job? The guy has not played football in two years, but the possibility is there as an option for Ryan to consider if he wants to remain as the head coach. Are Jets fans still pining for Sanchez? Raiders

The Lions @ The Eagles

Can Detroit continue their dominance on defense and not turn the ball over? Will the Eagles with Nick Foles continue their stellar play on offense to remain in control of their division? Having just beaten an equally decent team the Arizona Cardinals last week, it is hard to pick against them, especially considering the Lions previous recent loses and their inconsistent play. Eagles

The Dolphins @ The Steelers

After the controversial coaches right foot on the field issue that thwarted Jacoby Jones's return for what would have been considered a sure touchdown, one can surmise that the result of the game was justice served, if you believe in Karma. The Pittsburgh loss to the Ravens last week along with the controversy that ensued is only adding salt to a fresh wound in which Pittsburgh's playoff hopes hinged on beating Baltimore. Now with the possibility of Bell and Brett Keisel not playing, as well as a patched up offensive line (Snow an ex-Bills was signed by Pittsburgh to shore up that Offensive line decimated by injuries) diminishes their chances of staying alive against a Miami team that is playing as if they have nothing to lose, and are still alive in the playoff race who are winners of 3 in a row. But lets be real here, the last time the Dolphins won in Pittsburgh, was 1990, and Dan Marino out performed a guy named Bubby. As well as Miami is playing on defense, I find it hard to believe that Miami will be good enough to pull off a win, especially with rain and snow in the forecast this Sunday. Steelers

The Bills @ The Buccaneers

Now getting to the main theme, as in "Love kills Slowly," is what I feel when rooting for the Bills this season in hopes that they can make it to the playoffs. Now at 4-8 that possibility is as probable as winning the New York State lottery, even though the Bills are not mathematically eliminated, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the Bills will again wonder about what might have been, as the conversation shifts to the 2014 draft, even as there are 4 games left to play. The best chances of this team making a huge improvement is if they lose out the rest of the season to insure they draft in the top ten. I guess to suggest such a thing would be blasphemy, and so 2-2 with 4 games remaining is a realistic prediction for an unpredictable team such as the Bills. Still, anybody who thought the Bills would make the playoff's during a supposed rebuild year, with a rookie QB, a Rookie offensive coordinator, a new Head Coach, a new General Manager, and a fairly young team were not being realistic to begin with. Buccaneers on the other hand who found themselves eliminated from playoff contention earlier in the season, are similar to their opponent that they face on Sunday, in terms of a rookie coach, a rookie QB, etc, but with one less victory. They have gotten good consistent play from the QB position and their defense with Gerald McCoy, and Lavonte Davis are having good seasons. Now at Home, the Buccaneers will have the wind at their back, and I expect this game to be close and competitive, but being the Bills, I will not assume anything. Buccaneers

The Chiefs @ The Redskins

The Chiefs now have to find a way to win again as losers of 3 straight will only get worse if they don't learn from their loses. I am sure Andy Reid knows all to well what to expect from Washington, as he will prepare his team. After the Redskins' final drive of their loss to the Giants, when the chain gang marked a first down but officials called it third down, is another example of the questionable officiating this season, one in which cost the Redskins the game. Things that make me go HMMMMM? Does that set it up for the Redskins to get more than usual favorable calls come next Sunday, because the officials are trying to make up for their admitted mistake? I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Still The Redskins are committing way too many penalties, and the offensive line is not giving RGIII enough time to throw. Two tribes will be going to war, and the Chiefs who have shown that they can score points, have suffered injuries as of late, should be better than the Redskins only because Washington has proven time and time again that they seem to find ways to fold up like a cheap teepee when games get close. Chiefs

The Titans @ Broncos

Believing that The Titans have a Chance against the vaunted attacked of Manning and company is the same question I asked whenever ESPN is trying to sell me that Meryl Hodge actually knows what he is talking about, or that his opinion actually matters and to take him serious is the same as taking the Titans serious, which you can pretty much figure that one out. Oh well can't deny a man's need to work, even if the BS shines right through. Hell, even Teddy Brusci knows a thing or two about that. Broncos

The Rams @ The Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are a good football team, and faced another equally good football team in the Eagles last week. Unfortunately they didn't come away with the win, but return home to face the Rams, who are not an automatic win and will play tough against the Cardinals. Still Arizona is well coached, and has the home-field advantage. The Cardinals defense could be the deciding factor and as a team very much alive in the playoff hunt with a schedule that favors their chances, increases the likelihood they win this, besides they are in playoff mode. Cardinals

The Giants @ The Chargers

Here is a perfect example of two teams who should be dead, but are not, and least for the time being are clinging to hope that somehow they manage to make the playoffs. Although admitting those hopes are clinging desperately on life support is just putting things in proper perspective, but the way things have played out so far in NFL games this season the possibility still remains that these two teams can make the playoffs. Also to note this will only be Eli Manning's second appearance in San Diego since the year he was drafted (2004) and stated he didn't want to play for the Chargers, which prompted the trade with the NY Giants that landed San Diego Phillip Rivers, not that revisiting this fact is much use as a motivational angle, but it is sure to pop up somewhere. I suspect Rivers to be ready and will resume his scorched Earth campaign to finish out the season while doing some damage to the Giants in the process. Chargers

The Seahawks @ The 49ers

What is compelling about this game, is that the Seahawks are going in San Francisco with nothing to lose, and to the 49er's this game represents a must win, a dangerous recipe if you are a 49ers fan. Seattle right now is the most complete team in the NFL, and a with win in San Fran would all but sow up the number one seed with only 3 games to play, one more on the road after San Francisco, and the remaining two games at home. Even if the Seahawks lose their remaining road games and go lets say 2-2, they still have the tiebreaker advantage over New Orleans, even if they end up at 13-3 it is still good enough to be the number one seed, which gives the Seahawks a huge advantage over their adversaries. Not sure what to like in this game, a loose football team with nothing to lose, or a desperate team that has to play mistake free football in order to win. A toss up because this game could go either way especially considering that Pete Carol would love to castrate the 49ers playoff hopes and have a psychological advantage should 49ers make it far enough to play Seattle again in the playoffs. Seahawks

The Panther's @ The Saints

The Panthers road to getting and securing the division and at least a first road bye, starts with a win in New Orleans. This game by far represents the biggest for the Panthers and the Saints for that matter. Should the Panthers split the series with New Orleans, and win the rest of their games to end up in a tie with New Orleans at 12-4, then by virtue of the NFC conference play, would favor New Orleans, which would relegate Carolina's path to the Superbowl on the road. So the importance of this game for both teams could not be overstated by a long shot. Still it is hard to imagine New Orleans losing two in a row as well as they have played all season in the Mercedes Dome. Saints

The Vikings @ The Ravens

The Ravens at home against the Vikings is an easy sell considering the Vikings problems this season. Baltimore is playing decent defense, and the offense is starting to wake up in making timely plays when they are needed as evidence in their last week performance against the Steelers, but their remaining schedule is going to get harder, and making the playoffs as a wild card is going to be close. With a game ahead on Pittsburgh, the Steelers clearly have the easier schedule and is the team the Ravens will be thinking about as they try to close out the season and secure a playoff spot. Ravens

The Cowboys @ The Bears

Two of the worst defenses in the league are going up against each other in this Monday night match-up. Jerry Jones like the dumb a** that he is, has just called out Romo to perform like the 100 million dollar Quarter Back that he is suppose to be. Considering that Romo's record is 11-15 in games in December will now have to deal with the added pressure of carryng the franchise and of a meddling owner who is looking for a return on his investment. In Romo's defense, he has played well in recent history, but it is the rest of the team that is the bigger question mark, who has been a 500 club for the better part of two seasons now and share the lead with the Philadelphia Eagles for the division title. The Bears on the other hand have played extremely well on offense in the absence of Jay Cutler, with Josh McCown exceeding expectations as a back-up, as opposed to when you consider the Bears abysmal performance on defense then it is reasonable to conclude the reason for their loses so far. Still with all the weapons the Bears have on offense, Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, all big physical receivers, and returning home to Soldier field then it is easy to say they have a slight advantage over the Cowboys. This will either be a shootout or a close game decided in another OT. Bears

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