Q3 Report: The Final Four Games


The Bills are now pretty much out of the playoffs barring extraordinary circumstances. Nevertheless, it is important the Bills have faced their fair share of competitive teams and have hung in there pretty well during the 12 game span so far. This may be the easiest part of the year starting with a 2 week "vacation" in Florida, followed by returning to the cold winter of the northeast (one home game and one in Foxborough).




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

22.3 (20)

337.3 (17)

139.2 (4)

198.1 (29)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

18.1 (30)

295.3 (31)

106.2 (22)

189.1 (30)

Jacksonville Jaguars

14.5 (32)

285.6 (32)

70.6 (32)

215.0 (23)

Miami Dolphins

21.0 (24)

321.9 (26)

88.7 (25)

233.3 (17)

New England Patriots

26.8 (6)

377.8 (9)

122.8 (12)

255.0 (10)

And for your consideration, here are the Bills defense stats and rank in the NFL compared to their upcoming opponents. (Stats as of the end of Week 13.)




Run Yds/Game

Pass Yds/Game

Buffalo Bills

26.6 (25)


117.8 (26)

263.4 (24)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

23.8 (17)

352.8 (16)

106.8 (12)

246.0 (18)

Jacksonville Jaguars

29.3 (30)

381.1 (25)

130.4 (29)

250.7 (23)

Miami Dolphins

20.7 (9)

343.4 (14)

121.8 (25)

221.7 (9)

New England Patriots

21.8 (10)

362.2 (20)

138.2 (31)

224.0 (10)

Week 14: Buffalo Bills (4-8) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9)

Tampa seemed set to go undefeated, but rookie QB Mike Glennon has started to give their offense some life via #1 WR Vincent Jackson. Take these two out of the equation, and the Bucs will be more easily handled offensively. Their defense meanwhile has been doing alright. Aside from DT McCoy, they lack a pure pass rusher threat, but their secondary has been deadly with a league leading 17 picks.

Week 15: Buffalo Bills (4-8) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)

The Jags, like the Bucs, went winless in their first 8 games, but somehow pulled out wins in their last 3 of 4 games [now 4 of 5 games]. The Jags have a talented RB in Jones-Drew, but feature a league-worst rush game with 70.6 a game. Passing is not much better via the struggles of Chad Henne while the Jags have given up 39 sacks. Their defense is not much better with a 29th ranked run-D and little pass rush. Their best player may be familiar to you – a guy named Poz…

Week 16: Buffalo Bills (4-8) vs. Miami Dolphins (6-6)

The Bills last home game is against the Phish. Miami features a poor run game (that once managed just 2 yards this year), but have benefited from a more developed Ryan Tannehill in the pass game. Defensively, Miami has struggled in the run game, but have made up for this by generating sacks (37 – 6th in NFL) and 16 picks (2nd in NFL). I know that this game has little meaning aside from a divisional rivalry, but Bills fans, let’s show Toronto how to cheer on the Bills!

Week 17: Buffalo Bills (4-8) vs. New England Patriots (9-3)

This is not the same Patriots team from the season opener. Offensively, they are still quite potent (always have been with Tom Brady), but now feature a strong run game and more worrisome, a healthy Gronk. On the flip side though, the Pats defense has been decimated by injuries from Wilfork to Kelly and Mayo. As such, the best way to exploit them is via the run game (in which they are ranked 31st). They do better in pass defense between Talib and an able pass rusher in Chandler Jones (Marrone should know that)…

Go Bills!

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