dream scenario

with the title "dream scenario" your first thoughts are probably, "here we go, some delusional bills fan thats gonna write about signing bowe, landry, and urlacher"

not the case. trying to be realistic as possible here.

lets start with free agency:

re-sign byrd and levitre first and foremost. losing either one of these guys would be devastating (byrd more than levitre but still). If signing these two are the only free agent moves we make i will be happy. I wouldnt mind letting moore walk. he is one dimensional and isnt worth that much coin he may ask for. totally okay with letting leodis find work elsewhere as well. If we cut kelsay and mcgee (which really should be done) it'll open up some more cap space. And with that extra change we pick up:

Manny Lawson OLB. I would like to write down paul kruger or connor barwin. however i think they will demand too much money. I like kruger, but not for 8 mil a year. Lawson would be much cheaper and can still be productive in pettine's system. he fits the role of the hybrid strong side linebacker that can rush the passer and hold the edge against the run.

Cary Williams CB. Pettine's scheme relies on corners to be very solid in coverage. The bills' corners are far from that. obviously gilmore will be the #1 but the #2 is up in the air. aaron williams is shaky and ron brooks is very raw. Adding a veteran like cary or maybe a derek cox or sean smith would be very helpful.


Okay so what i am really hoping for is one of the "premier" players to slip a bit. kind of like morris claiborne last year. buddy now has a couple teams interested in moving up to the 8th pick. so we move back into the 13-17 range and pick up an extra second in the process (we'll give up our 5th as well). Now with that first round pick we take

Mike Glennon QB NC State. I am not a huge Glennon fan. However I am not buddy nix. And from what i've researched buddy is. he personally scouted glennon during the season. im not going to get into which qb is better because everyone has their own opinion and it really is a crapshoot. however he will still be there ( i see smith and barkely going before him) and buddy will pull the trigger on his guy.

Now that we have our qb, we go defense with the next pick. One guy i absolutely love is Kevin Minter out of LSU. I'm sure buddy likes him too because well, he is from the south. He has ideal size, speed, instincts, and hustle. He isn't absolutely elite at any of these intangibles but his leadership and hitting ability are very desirable. I think he will do well at the combine which might force us to package our second and third round pick to secure him. He will team up with shep and bradham (who i think will have a great year) in the ILB group. This will be a very young and inexperienced group but could the linebacker play honestly be any worse?

And with that extra second rounder we get to take the best wideout available. Luckly there are a handful of talented guys that will be there in the second. Many of them fit buddy's wishlist as well. Big, strong, outside guys that can snatch the ball when they are covered. I would take any of these guys: terrance williams, deandre hopkins, justin hunter, cordarrelle patterson, da'rick rogers, or cobi hamilton. Take your pick!

As for the rest of the draft we take a TE, CB, and another LB according to the best value in each round. I dont know too many low key guys right now but feel free to drop names of your favorite under the radar guys at these positions.

I hope this is realistic and appealing fellow rumblers. GO BILLS!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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