Top 10 things the Buffalo Bills must do in 2013

1. Cut Brad Smith to free up cap space for other players. Smith has not been productive enough at receiver. Time to spend that money on two young outside receivers.

2. Trade the 2013 5th round pick for Alex Smith. Congrats Buffalo, after 15 years without a quarterback, you have a former 1st overall pick entering the prime of his career. Alex Smith was the top rated QB in the NFL last season before he got injured. Alex ran the spread offense under Urban Meyer masterfully. Send Colin Kaep a thank you card.

3. Re-sign Jarius Bryd to lead the defense.

4. Re-sign Andy Levitre. Can anyone name a good football that had a bad offensive line?

5. Draft Manti Teo with the #8 pick in the 2013 draft. Teo will love Buffalo and Buffalo will love Teo. This man is born to play football.

Whoever gets him gets a 10 year Pro Bowl linebacker. Buffalo is great fit for him, obviously not a big city guy, haha.

6. Cut Ryan Fitzpatrick now. Ryan is a starter in the league, but not for the Buffalo Bills. Ralph is old, Buffalo doesn't know who the owner will be in a few years. The franchise needs a top 10 quarterback to stabilize things now and give the team a new identity.

7. Draft TE Zach Ertz from Sanford at #41. Finally Buffalo has a tight end that makes a substantial impact on the field again. Zach can come in and start right away, which is a must have, if we draft a TE. We can't draft a tight end in the 4th round and expect him to open holes for CJ and start week one. Chandler may not be back until December. Remember Bills fans we currently don't have a starting TE in a league that is using them like never before.

8. Draft the best available outside WR in rounds 3, everyone knows we need help outside. Take an OLB in round 4. Draft a QB in round 7.

9. Draft Tyrann Matheui the former LSU standout in round 6. Lets face it, there worse things to bump a guy from the first round to the sixth. The Bills should take a risk and see if the guy can play in the NFL.

10. SET AN INTERNAL GOAL TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR, NOT NEXT YEAR, RIGHT NOW. Somebody put some emotion back into the locker room! Get the players to care and be proud to play for the Buffalo Bills. Make Buffalo a place players want to be because of the atmosphere in the organization. Buffalo is not a warm place to play, it is not the best city in America for night life if you're young. Make it the best place to play professional football. Make it a fun place to play. Make the it place that works hard to win games.

What do you think? As the only diehard Bills fan in Salt Lake City, I would love to hear your thoughts. You may disagree here, but I think all the things I have proposed are realistic, maybe would have to cut Anderson or Kelsey.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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