The look of the team and the draft

Well it is time to look at the roster. Since we have cut a few players and not some others we have to see how the players we have mesh into the Doug Marrone offensive and defensive systems.

On offense, if Marrone is going to be running a system similiar to that in New Orleans, we hae alot of what he wants in place.

Quarterback: Fitz, TJax, the Camp arm, and a rookie to be named later. One of these palyer has to step up and take the reins of this offense and at this point I honestly have no clue.

Running Back: CJ Spiller, Freddy, and a rookie to be named later. CJ is going to be the bell cow but look at him like Reggie Bush and look at Freddy as Pierre Thomas. This position is set for this season.

Wide Receiver: This is where it gets interesting. Stevie, David Nelson, and TJ Graham and the others. I see David Nelson as a 2nd TE type player like Marcus Colston. Stevie compares to Devery Henderson and TJ to Lance Moore. If they play like them we are close to set.

Tight End: We need a playmaker here. Scott Chandler and Doris Dickerson. Chandler is coming off of and ACL injury and Dickerson has not stepped up yet. A FA or drafted player is needed to help this offense work best.

The offensive line is good working towards great. The only area that needs to improve is at RT and that is a matter of consistency. We also have to keep Levitre at all costs.

This offense with an accurate QB and #2 WR and TE will be a scoring machine. they will actually scare other teams to play us.

On defense Marrone is letting the DC run it. We will be more aggressive and attacking. Look at our unit as a younger Jets unit without the Rex Ryan’s BS.

Defensive Line: This is our solid unit. Williams, Williams, Daraus, Anderson, and hopefully Merriman and Moore. When these guys we aggresive they were very disruptive. Our DC put too much pressure on them to get to the QB without blitzing others and it did not work. With a more creative and aggresive mind at DC this unit will be good.

Linebackers: This unit scares me. Sheppard, Bradham, and Morrison and some prqactice squad guys. These guys did not do alot of things well. They could tackle eight yards down the field. They could kinda cover tight ends and running backs but got burned alot. In this league that does not cut it. The draft and FA will hopefully find us some more talent to add to this unit.

Safeties: This unit will be good. Byrd is the ball hawk and Searsy should be a solid compliment. We could draft a backup or starter or move Aaron Williams to here.

Cornerbacks: We have a young unit. Gilmore is the the number one. The rest include Brooks, Rogers, McKelvin, and Williams. This guys have to be lock down corners and I know that Gilmore can do it but I have no clue about the rest. McKelvin has possibilities but we have been waiting for that for a while. Brooks was coming off injury and needs time. Williams and Rogers have shown flashes but are liabilities right now. I think another CB is going to be drafted us.

Special Teams:

Lindell is getting old and needs to come back to what he was.

Powell needs to show us more why we got rid of Moorman

Sanborn is simply a great long snapper and makes it look easy.

The Draft part of this:

First due to our needs we need to trade down. The best partner would be the Rams.
Our #8 overall for their #16 and #46. After teh trade we then draft:

16th overall - Dion Jordon or Alec Ogeltree. We need linebackers who can play. Jordon is the hybrid LB that can put his hand in the dirt and still cover Gronk down the seam. Ogeltree would cover well and cold make an impact on the run game. Ogeltree did just get a DUI but I still think he is worth it here.

41st overall - Ryan Nassib - Marrone gets his guy. Do I need to say more?

46th overall - Robert Alford - CB - This guy is a lock down corner and has good speed and ability to break on the ball. As stated before we need lock down corners and besides Millner he is one of the best.

71st overall - Jordon Reed - He is a solid pass catching TE that will help stretch the field. He will be a starter sooner that later.

102st overall - Zaviar Gooden - Yup another athletic OLB and we need it. He needs to improve his coverage skills but you cannot teach speed and talent.

136th overall - Tyrann Mathieu - Yes he screwed up and big. He also wants to be given a chance. In the defense we are installing we may need to go to three safety sets. He would fit into that part of our system with no problem.

166th overall - Marquess Wilson - This wide receiver has the talent to go in the 2nd to 3rd round but he quit on his team claiming abuse from the coach. So can the interviews with him prove to the Bills to take a risk on him. I think so. He has the height and skills to be open when he is covered. A deal in the 6th round.

Undrafted FA’s

Darrin Moore - WR - Could be a steal if he is not drafted and would make the team.

Marqueis Gray - TE, WR, QB - He is a tweener but talented. Played QB and WR at Minnesota and has the bulk to be a solid TE at the next level.

Spencer Ware - RB -This is a RB who has played in the SEC for LSU and is used to running back by committee and he would be a solid third running back. He would also be a nice change of pace back to CJ.

Kenneth Tate - OLB - He is a tall rangy linebacker who could be a solid back up in time.

Colin Klein - QB - He has Tebowesque skills but still needs work. He would be a backup to Nassib in a couple seasons and could run some run option stuff too.

This is my analysis and draft. If you like it great if not please tell me so. Enjoy!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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